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Big weekend ride!! Alpine area

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dutch Devil, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I just became a new member, mainly because I am hoping to organise a big weekend ride around october, and wondering if people would be keen to come.
    I was thinking of heading up to the Alpine area on a saturday (Hotham, Omeo) going through Healesville and Black Spur, Alexandra and Bright. Staying the night in a motel in the Alpine area, returning on sunday passing lakes entrance, bairnsdale and Moe.... Will be a big one, so more for experienced riders....
    If you would feel like coming, please reply or send me a mail, as I would google around for prices of motels (some offer packages for $60 a night a person with twin share room, dinner and cooked brekky).
    Hope to get may reactions...

  2. Can I suggest a route home past Bairnsdale? Instead of copping the boring and over policed Princes Hwy, head out to Lindenow, then across to Boisdale/Briagalong, into Maffra, Heyfield, Glengarry, then to Tyers, Yallourn North, Tanjil Sth, Hillend, Icy Creek, Noojee, Powelltown, Yarra Junction.

    You get to avoid all the big towns and to experience some good roads.

    Or, head out of Bairnsdale, then turn left onto the Bengwarden Road, which then comes out near Stratford. Head to Maffra from Stratty, then those other places (Heyfield, Glengarry, etc.).

    If you would care to stay in Bright, I recommend the Alpine Hotel/Motel. They usually charge us around $35 a person, which includes a cooked breakfast in the lounge. They usually have a band on Sat. nights. The Star Hotel offers similar deals (it's owned by the same people who own the Alpine).

    Accomodation elsewhere may be more expensive. Certainly, if you wanted to stay at Dinner Plain or Mt Hotham it will be dearer. But you have to rent out ski lodges or holiday houses, and there may be min. 2 nights or something like that. www.dinnerplain.com.au should point you to accom. links.

    Good luck, and happy riding.

    Martin (with one "a" and an "i")

  3. A group of us that travelled up to Nagambie on the wekend have been discussing doing something along these lines.
    We also thought it might be a good idea if we did something similar to what Hornet and the NSW guys are doing with their 3 point ride. We were thinking of getting a few routes together that all joined up and rode on to the same destination, somewhere near Kevington maybe.
    I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how it developes, maybe we could incorporate it with our ride plans, anyways, just a thought. What do the rest of you guys think?
  4. Hi Maarten

    I haven't seen your CB900 around Moonee Ponds yet, I ride a Hornet9 as well, in red, and I'm in Flemington. We should hook up for a fang sometime.

    I did the exact ride you're talking about over the new year's break. It was brilliant. I have family in Omeo and Moe, and a family holiday house in Lakes Entrance. Here's some photos from the trip:
    http://www.got-words.com/lozblain/008 Alpine Trip NYE 06/index.html

    Mjt57, you're absolutely right about the way home, that's a much nicer route... Although the Alpine road in a weekend can be pretty f*ckin' exhausting, and last time I bailed out and took the Princes HWY!

    If the timing works out right, I'd be interested in joining you! Beforehand though, I hope to catch up with you for a day ride or something.
  5. When we do it, we usually leave Bright around 10am. Bairnsdale is probably 3 hrs away where we stop for lunch, usually.

    From Bairnsdale to home (Traralgon) is about 2 hrs via the twisty bits. From say Tyers, near T'gon, you're looking at probably another 90 mins. to Yarra Junction. So, 10:00 ->13:00 ->15:00 ->17:00 to MEL eastern suburbs. All up it's a bit over 500 kays.

    That would be a full day's ride, and if a big night the night before, it means an even bigger day....
  6. Ahaaa. Now that explains it all Loz.
  7. Well, I wasn't gonna say anything. You never know when you'll meet people face to face.....
  8. I can hardly wait :wink:
  9. Tips...

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the tips so far! Have already googled around and a place to stay in Bright seems easy and affordable...
    When to go will be very weather dependend, so probably set a weekend and decide a few days early whether to go through with it or not...
    I'll check my own weekends and come up with 2 possible weekends next week. Anyone interested can send me his/her email and/or phonenumber and if the weather seems good, I'll notify everybody to see who would come along to organise accommodation.....

    I'll get back to ya next week....
  10. That will be risky, weather wise. There is generally still Black Ice on the roads through Hotham and Dinner Plains in October.
    Did Hotham->Omeo on a 10 day ride in mid-late Nov a few years back, and we got heavily snowed on!