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Big waves!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by fangske, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. A big friendly hello ! :grin: :)

    From other forums online I have read that NR is the place to get all your riding needs.

    I am about to go for my L's tomorrow at the ripe age of 23 :) (Already on fulls)

    A friend of mine has been nice enough to sell me his 2001 Honda NS150-SP for my learning needs at a very reasonable price.

    I know pretty much next to nothing about bikes but will be lurking so please excuse my occasional stupid question

    Will be nice to meet some of you NR members on a ride day in the future (once I figure out how to ride these things)

    My previous stints include some riding on an automatic scooter in the busy streets of Vietnam and a nice gentle roll over onto my right leg after hitting the breaks to hard on a mates manual bike

    See you around!
  2. Hey there Fangske, Welcome to NR :)

    Once you get your L's head out to the practice sessions at Homebush and come out to some of the meet ups :)

    Oh and once you get your post count up make sure to show us pics of your ride :)
  3. fangske - welcome, babe

    You'll find what you need here. 'Search' & ask.

    "Ripe age of 23" So many good lines, but I refrain. Haha!

    Sirian you piped me. Grrrr! :grin:
  4. Thanks guys :)

    Ah there are practice sessions in Homebush?
    Great will def check this out.
  5. LOL @ TG

    Have a look in the NSW Ride/Events section for all the details :)
  6. welcome.

    LOL TG you;ve taken over goz in this forum, welcoming alot
  7. Gotta keep them council workers on their feet - Oh, I meant off their arses. :bolt:
  8. Welcome Aboard !!
  9. Get learning about 2 strokes mate! They generally require more maintenance and are highly strung. Never fear though, there are plenty of 2 stroke afficionados here who are brimming with hints and tips to help you along. Great to have you on board! Good luck!

  10. gday fangske, welcome bud, show some pics with you wearing leathers and your in with tankgirl :grin: :grin:

    +1 for homebush
  11. Congratske on getting your L's and welcome;)
  12. goz - It's only a thing when they're racing. Just like to watch :-w
    Nothing wrong with watching is there. :wink:
  13. The lady has a point :grin:
  14. goz is a council worker. hes used to watching someone else work