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Big trucks and blind corners..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by BrassoMan, May 12, 2011.

  1. Went for an early afternoon ride up Mccarrs Creek today, ended up on my ass.
    Here's how:
    Entered a nice right hand turn at about 80 and before I could say "holy shit" there was a nice big crane truck type thing coming around the corner pretty quick, on both lanes.
    I hit the brakes and dodged the truck but ended up running off the road. Aimed the bike for a grass mound right between a rock and a tree, came over the mound, flew about 10 meters. Landed pretty hard and slid a bit.
    My bike has seen better days but all I got was some bruising and a sore neck.



  2. The truck stop, to find out if you were allright or kept going.
  3. Kept going. I was on the grass for atleast 20 minutes pulling grass out of my bike and getting my gear lever back to where its meant to be but no one stopped...
  4. Holy sh$t, that must have been one scary ride. If you see that crane truck near you again you should slash its tires and run away.........and maybe clonk the guy on the head for being an idiot.
  5. I didn't really get a good look at it haha

    Not looking forward to riding to school tomorrow..
  6. If it's any consolation, you did very good, because you followed rule#1.
    Ride the damned bike!
    You didn't give up on it, and as result dramtically reduced your probable injuries.

    Awesome, whether you meant to or not. :)

    But sorry it happened to you in the first place...
  7. good thing it was on grass and soft ground!

    glad to hear you're okay!!!!

    damned trucks :(
  8. The only "straight" where a truck could possibly pick up some semblance of speed on that the lower section of that road BUT it's just after a very sharp bend (for the truck) so... you were extremely unlucky. Kudos to staying with the bike and minimizing damage/injury though!

    That little straight is one of the few opportunities to get psst a slow vehicle. It's a biatch when you get into a rhythm coming down and get stick behind a plodder.
  9. Thanks guys. I just got home and I realised the exhaust had come loose and I'm missing three screws now.. D:
  10. You're pretty friggin lucky that it was somewhere you could actually run off - that road doesn't really leave much margin for error in a lot of places, unless you consider trees cosseting.

    Do you really ride your bike to school? like high school? or big kid school? I thought i was the only one who did that (back in my day).
  11. I keep thinking it over, realising how much worse it could have been.

    I ride to high school every day. There's only three of us because it seems that everyones parents hate the thought of having their child riding a motorcycle..