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Big toy for a big boy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gavinl, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    Having finally gotten my full license I'm now looking to upgrade and hopefully find "the bike" at the same time.

    At 6'6", 130kg and coming to terms that owning a Street Triple will never make sense, I'd appreciate if those who feel inclined to suggest models that I can add to my list to test.

    My preference is for naked or bikini faired bikes for daily commuting and fortnightly 200km+ rides into the hills and occasionally 400km+.

    I've only been able to test one so far, an XJR1300. Hoping to try a GSX1400 out this weekend. I've ruled out the Z1000, Sprint ST and Speed Triple as well. I've sat on the CB1300 which is a possibility, but yet to find a dealer with a secondhand/demo.

  2. FZ1
    SV1000N (or S for the bikini fairing)
  3. CB900 Hornet
  4. +1

    Awesome torque down low. Will haul you, your clone and your clone's clone around all day long without a problem.

    I'd go for the 'S' in the bronze. *drools*
  5. I'll throw the Bandit 1250 into the mix.
    Great for us big bastards.
    You wont wipe the grin off ya face!
  6. Hornet 9 or Bandit
  7. Bandit's don't mind carrying weight and they've got a solid steel frame and plenty of torque.

    GSX1400... pretty much as above except the don't handle as well and don't have a half fairing and use more fuel to go slower.

    XJR1300... ditto.

    CB900/CB1300 would do the job great as well. If you've got long legs as well as being tall then the CB1300 will give you more room.

    The SV1000S will suit you better than the SV1000 if you've got long arms generally.

    You might like to throw the DL1000 Suzuki into the mix, they suit tall buggers really well... give them room to stretch out.
  8. Thanks all, keep them coming.

    I'll be heading down to Melbourne over xmas to try and get test rides with:

    Monster S2R1000
    Bandit 1250

    Looking forward to feeling what a V-Twin is like.

  9. And they're rated at the same power as the 1250 Bandit :oops:
  10. RGV250?
    no?....oh :oops:

    Triumph Rocket III
    the big bastard bike, for BIG BASTARDS :cool:
  11. I'd go with the speed triple if you like the street triple :p
  12. Mate you are one big unit.. :shock:

    The GSX1400 is for you i reckon..

    Good luck with your search.. :grin:
  13. Gav, if you get on an FZ1, give it a little respect. She'll rip the skin from your ass if you give her half a chance.
  14. If you really like Street Triple, why don't you get one and modify it to fit you?

  15. looks like he's about to get another doughnut out of his pocket
  16. That's just cruel!
  17. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. Hi Gav I'm in the same boat except 6'5", 110kgs... But I live out in the middle of no where so its hard to take bikes for a test ride.

    Will be interested to hear what your most comfortable with. Its not about looking cool for us bigger fellas... Its feeling comfortable and arriving without a sore back/ shoulder. Nothing worse to spoil your day.

  19. @frickendevil: i haven't seen the speed triple in the flesh, having looked at the specs though there's not a lot of difference in regard to dimensions, seat height and weight with the street. I did sit on a sprint st though (apart from narrower handlebars fairly similar), which was still a little too small.

    @deadmeat: looks like he spent more on mods for his leathers than on the bike :LOL:

    @sumo: i'll be writing reviews from a big person's perspective on the bikes that i do take out. i'll start once i can compare the xjr to another big bike
  20. My 2 cents worth:

    Suzuki GSX1400 (Cool retro look / comfortable and super reliable and friendly)
    OR Suzuki B-King. (All of the above pro's - except the looks, you will either love or hate the look of the thing, but Oh, what a sweet engine)