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Big Tourer (not a Gold Wing!)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Another just-for-funzies thread, since I'll be buying a bike for the ladies before I get one, but doing the Gold-Coast-to-Brisbane run on the M1 a fair bit lately has got me wondering about something a bit better for freeway speeds. I do mean legal freeway speeds - Hayabusas need not apply.

    Thinking about something like an ST1300 or similar. I guess BMW has lots of entrants in this range as well, but they might be too pricey or too old.

    Blackbirds might be there, but I'm thinking more the cop-stylee big upright things with a wall of fairing.
  2. Yamaha FJR1300
    tow a trailer effortlessly.
    cruisers are majorly underrated as touring bikes. have you considered a big cruiser like the yamaha xvs 1300 or the suzuki boulevard 109ers?
  3. Quite a few nice ex-cop or cop-style BMWs on Bikesales. I think I've speculated here before about how close you could get to making it look like a cop bike without getting in trouble. Saw one the other day with blue check patterns on parts of it...
  4. I'd say they draw the line at 'POLICE' in big letters
  5. Have seen one in melb with the word 'POLITE' on the panniers, ALOT of people pull up quickly then have a chuckle before moving past, the guy never went 1 kmh over the limit, hmm havent seen him for a while, wonder if someone didnt find it amusing anymore?
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  6. Thanks, Jazzfan, that's a great suggestion.
  7. Moto Guzzi Norge for something completely different.
  8. You cannot go wrong with and older ST1100A or the younger sister the ST1300A they'd be one of the best mid range tourers on the planet with the 1300a a little more sporty compared to the 1100. I know, I'm biased.
    Both bikes will give you 400 plus kms per tank with 28 litres (1100) and 29 for the 1300.

    For an insight to the world of ST's check out the www.ozstoc.com site and get some local info.

    I've had my 1100a for six years and it's a few K short of 150,000kms and due for timing belt and no issues apart from usual wear and tear items. No intention of getting another bike anytime soon.
  9. Fj1300....
  10. For very little money you'd get an older K series BMW. Possibly even a big white ex-cop K series LT or RT. As an ex-K owner I can thoroughly recommend them.

    On the plus side - lots of parts and support available and mechanically extremely reliable, possibly even one with ABS.

    They go very well and will happily cruise at licence losing speeds all day.

    On the negative side they run very hot - not a problem in winter but can be uncomfortable at low speeds in summer.
  11. Kawasaki 1400GTR +1
    Starting to be at a good price 2nd hand. Very user friendly and not like the ZX14 at all...although based on the same bike.
    22lt tank sucks on an Uber tourer.
    Not great under 4,000rpm and bit doughy....fun @ 5,000 and beyond tho :)
    Rear end looks like a chook chaser without the baggage gear.
  12. haha very clever.
  13. One type of bike that hasn't been mentioned but is great for legal speed touring are the dresser cruisers.

    Kawasaki have 3 different touring versions of the Voyager 1700 all with hard luggage.

    Yamaha have touring versions of their 1300 and 1900 cruisers with hard luggage.

    Suzuki have the C50T (with standard luggage and screen) and the C109T (where it's optional).

    Harley Davidson have the Switchback, the Road King, the Street Glide, the Road Glide, The Electra Glide and probably others I've forgotten all with standard luggage.

    A tourer doesn't have to be based off a sports bike, in fact with Australia's draconian speeding law penalties it's probably better if it isn't!
  14. i heard a while ago on here that the police told him it was wise to remove the POLITE lettering. I think blue and white checks are also a no no.

    Get that massive victory thing, i think its called the vision? either way its their top of the line bike. i sat on it at the motocycle show last year it was intense super comfy has lots of touring features like a stereo and hard luggage iirc. a great looking bike too, really captures what a modern full dresser should look like i think.
  15. Great bikes but not really a tourer, no standard hard luggage.
  16. Should probably clarify that I'm not really talking about a massive-miles tourer where I can take pretty much my whole life in the luggage, though of course there are plenty of great ones around.

    I'm more talking about something I can ride for a couple of hours at freeway speeds in comfort - it's more about the big fairings than the hard luggage.

    The ST1300 and 1400GTR, plus the Beemers, are the things that have come closest to the brief, and if I had the cash/won Lotto the 1400GTR would bid fair...
  17. then the beemer 800st?
  18. :rofl: