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Big tick for Cash & Co

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hornet, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. As documented elsewhere, I needed a rear shock for the Hornet after a rebuild of the original failed to eventuate.

    I rang Chickbabe, who works for Cash & Co Motorcycle Wreckers in St Mary's, Sydney. Did she have a 68 Hornet 600 rear shock? Why, yes, yes she did!!! Amazing.

    Saturday morning I drove up to Sydney and collected same. The NEATEST and best laid-out wrecker's shop I have ever seen, just terrific. And the guys in the shop couldn't have been more helpful; they had the shock off in no time, and I was on my way.

    I'll certainly be giving them a ring if I need anything; they not only wreck bikes but have a huge range of new spares and accessories and an impressive range of tyres. Spot on, I say!
  2. Establishments like this are far and few between.
    I'm sure fellow Sydney-siders will appreciate the recomendation Paul :)
  3. They made Hornets back in '68? Wow...
  4. Thanks Hornet for the nice write up, I'm happy to help anyone out. :grin:

    I must say I've been there since the start of the year, and havn't looked back. :grin:
    Greg is always happy to answer any questions, and boy oh boy have I asked alot, and learnt alot in that time about bikes. :oops:

    I'll give a plug for work:
    Cash and Co sell new and used parts, offroad and onroad bikes, servicing, tyre sales and fittings

    Cheers Lou
  5. chickibabe: im after a second hand rear tyre 180/55/17, you guys have any one hand?

    it's only for a 250 hornet, so doesnt need to be the latest and greatest

    thanks in advance
  6. sky80

    PM sent

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you
    Cheers Lou