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Big thanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aaahhh, May 10, 2012.

  1. Big thanks to Dave, who stopped to help this morning while I was contemplating what to do about my flat tyre. Tyre went POP in the airport tunnel and I was stopped beside the road at the top of Foreshore drive, Dave pulls up on his bike, pulls out his tyre repair kit an with no fuss just gets into it, 10 minutes later I am on my way. So huge thank you, bloody legend.

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  2. It is good to hear stories like this. :D
  3. you DO meet the nicest people on bikes....

    nice one, Dave (y)
  4. good form
  5. Good stuff (y)
  6. You're a legend, Dave!

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  7. Mate, that must be the Bermuda triangle of bike mishaps. Just coming out of the tunnel on two seperate occasions I have snapped my belt and run out of fuel!
  8. Good to see people like this, they're a rare breed now, listed on the endangered wildlife list.

    Which reminds me i must pick up a repair kit...
  9. One would hope replacment of used goods will go back to Dave? as appreciation of assistance :)
  10. A slab of beers?
    And a new tyre will be purchased or at least the old one will be plugged if it's just your commuter bike?

    This fellow Dave represents all that is good about riders and riding. Bloody good form indeed.
  11. always replace a mans 'tools equipment' if he's willing to stop and get you out of trouble I say.
  12. gave him a $20 to cover costs.
  13. well done :) gotta replace the 'goodee' dept !! So have you bought your own now? if you have, you do know that you may never use it!! but at least if someone else has the same problem, you can pay back the favour
  14. heading out straight after work to get a kit. If I never use it may come in handy for a fellow rider. Pay it forward.
  15. cant agree with you more!! :)
  16. Dave's are great. We should buy more Daves more beers.
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  17. Big dinner?
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  18. Where can I get a Dave? Every rider needs one!
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  19. Dave - my lawns needs mowing.

    But seriously. Outstanding, well done that man.
  20. Good idea