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Big Thanks to the Nurse who stopped

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by thefloppy1, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. My wife (Bec) had her first off today,
    She was heading to work this morning, while setting out from some lights, there was some throttle lag, so she gave it alot more..

    End result was a low speed wheel stand, where ass meets pavement.

    Thankfully a Nurse stopped whom is also a rider to help out, big that thanks to that guy.

    Not so much for Mister Plod. he can go F@#$ him self, 'Failure to maintain control' they say. I would more say inexperience. I am guessing we will deal with that when the time comes.

    She is a bit bruised and battered, having a day in the Hospital, all going well home later today.

  2. Sorry to hear that mate, hope she heals well.

    Good on the nurse for stopping too, always good to hear there are people around willing to lend a hand rather than just rubber necks.

    PS Tell Mr Plod to get stuffed.
  3. unfortunate about the off, hopefully she is all good mate.

    did i misinterpret wrongly. or did the ******** plod give her a ticket???
  4. title should be:

    big thanks to the murse that stopped.

    Ps if the plod actually gave her a ticket, dude needs to kickboxed in the head... Don't see 'em writing tickets when learners stall their car at the lights.

  5. she is recovering from a bruised ego and ass..

    Yes the Plod say they are issuing her with a traffic infringement via mail.
  6. Your wife threw up a wheelie????

    Tell her Chef says hi :D
  7. All the best to your lady. I hope it does not put her off riding.
    If the plod said the ticket will be in the mail. It usually means he will go back to the station and talk it over with the SI, and basically pass the buck to him.
    I hope the SI has more forsight and compassion than the plod.
  8. Not in Victoria, not anymore, not since the TAC stepped in to have their say.
  9. hope your other half heals up quick and gets back out on the road.

    shame on the plod. ****wit. MN's right... they don't give L plate drivers a ticket for stalling or bunnyhopping.
  10. so... why was a police officer present at the incident?
  11. what a disgrace!
  12. @ Chef, it wasn't a Wheelie, was a Fail Wheelie... (we have both had a good laugh on that one). But she did well to get a spada on one wheel. Will pass on best wishes.

    @bretto61, She is already looking at a new bike. maybe a Yamaha XJ6N.

    @licensed, My wife doens't know, but may have something to do with somebody calling an ambo, and plod taged along for the ride and free ticket...

    Will see what plod do, if they do fine her and she finds it objectionable, I am sure she will say something.
  13. Stupid plod, good luck with the wify hope so heals well.
  14. Hope the wifey is feeling much better soon ..

    Hope Mr *Plod's superior knocks this 'Off ' to just a misshap ..

    maybe a padded seat will be in order for a few weeks ;)
  15. Not trying to be an arsehole, however, reading some of the comments concerning the police, I am left scratching my head.

  16. because this is someone who has made a small mistake, that has hurt no one but herself. She wasn't trying to be reckless or stupid, she just got it wrong. There was no other vehicle hit, she wasn't speeding or running a red light etc.

    It would be no different than the 3 learners who came off on the weekend should all be given a ticket. I don't see why the think that she should get a ticket. They should help pick her up, make sure she's ok, maybe talk to her about what went wrong.
  17. Ah ha! It's ok because no one got hurt, but at least she wasn't speeding? Are you serious? Why do you see speeding as bad and yet view this scenario so completely differently. What about when someone speeds, doesn't hurt anyone and gets a ticket? I do not understand your logic. And before you say one is a conscious decision and the other is a mistake, people speed by accident all the time.
  18. That sucks, I hope your wife is okay. I had a similar thing happen to me when I first got my kwaka early wet morning setting off from the lights turning right the throttle lagged I gave it a wrist full and the engine decided to kick in ended up doing an awesome drift into the corner...more arse than class I kept it up right.

    Now I prefer to let it stall on the odd occasion it happens. Can't wait for EFi on my next bike.
  19. but it's not about speed in this scenario - it's about a mistake. yes, i know speeding can be a mistake, but she wasn't endangering other peoples lives. it's just a simple learner mistake.

    would you want a ticket every time you bunny-hopped your car? that's pretty much the same thing as what happened to Bec.

    hope Bec heals up quickly.