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Big thanks and Wazza (undii) status/update

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. i'd like to say a big thanks to everyone regarding my stack for all the help/info given etc. too sore still to type much but i'll pop in as i heal along :)

    thanks all and i will have info regarding healing tiumes, bike (insurance) etc later down the track. at moment just spending time somewhat painfully + high on painkillers on my couch + bed.

  2. Get well soon Wazza.

    Ya clown.

    Good that you got yer stackin' out of the way before the trumpy triple came along, I would have cried.
  3. Hope you heal quickly Undii :angel:
  4. Feel better soon mate..... Anyone gotta link to what happened here?
  5. If you have any swelling or bad bruising,go to your local supermarket,buy some "Electric soda" in the laundry detergent section,its a water softener,but dont be put of by the name or its original intended purpose on the label,an old massuese of mine put me onto it years ago,absolutely magic stuff,superb for a sore back as well.
    Put half a bag in a bath,and soak yursel in it,it will draw out any inflamation,or you can crush it up and wrap it in a bandage around the afflicted area,I have recommened this to about 30 people over the years,footballers,bikers,netballers,blahblahblah,and without fail,to a man/woman/child,no one has said"that was sh*t,it did nada,nichts,bumpkis"
    Not bad for $1.67 a pack. :wink:
  6. Heal fast Undii

    Apparently pomfrey or some such helps heal broken bones... that and calcium tablets.

    I feel for you, definitely empathising with ya.


  7. Wazza (undii) update

    I know I’ve had quite a few requests from people worried about Wazza over the last week. Seems the accident may have more far reaching effects than first though. Wazza’s lost the use of his right arm for the moment. I think this link explains it better than I can:


    Hopefully, this is just going to be temporary, but I think it’s fair to say that Wazza has got a huge challenge ahead of him and could use some support from his Netrider brothers and sisters.

    He’s on line again so and I’m sure would love to hear from all of you who have been worried about him. Bear in mind though that he's still in pain so don't expect lengthy replies.

    Hang in there Wazza were all thinking of you and if there’s anything we can do for you or Emma just say the word.

    EDIT: thanks mods for merging the threads.
  8. Hey Wazza...just a quick note to say fingers crossed your nerves heal and you'll have the full use of your arm asap...

    Like Katherine says, fingers crossed this is just a temporary thing while your body is in shock from the accident and once had time to recover from the shock will start to heal...but if there is anything you or Emma need just give a shout...

    Thinking of ya and hoping things'll work out...
  9. That's terrible news :(. Hope everything turns out okay for you Wazza.
  10. I've just read Wazza's journal and it was a bit of a shock. I never expected this.

    Wazza, all the best, you know we are all there for you, to help you. Just make the call or the post.

    Now, if you can't make the rides, we need to see you at some coffee or socials...
  11. Crap! that's no damn good at all.
    We'll be hoping for the best possible outcome for you buddy.
    And it can happen. All nerve damage is different, but I had paralysis in the side of my face after an incident, for about a month. Couldn't feel it or move it. But it came good quite quickly after that.
    Hope for the best, anyway.
  12. Hey dude,

    Only riden with you once, but I could tell you're and ace guy straight away. Hang in there and get better, Damn it!!!
  13. Get well soon mate.

    The body's got amazing healing abilities given time and the proper encouragement. You'll get there.

    Now - stop checking out all the pretty nurses and get on with your physio! :LOL:
  14. geez mate thats not good news, i know you might not hold migh thope at this very point in time, but chin mate, as doctors have and can be wrong.

    I have a very close family friend, who going though almost the same thing (also from a motorbike accident), lose the use in his right arm, doctors told him it was it wouldn't move again, he has put in alot of time and effort over the last year but now has feeling and can move the limb and actually has gained a bit a strenght back in the top part of the arm, still can't get feeling in the fingers but he sure isn't giving up just yet. So best of luck for the recovery period, remember it may not be quick, but stick at it, and like others have said if you need anything just ask.

    cheers stewy
  15. Just read the journal, that just straight out sux man.

    Hope the MRI finds the issue and that it's something sortable.

    When you're able, bring your broken wing to a coffee.

    If you haven't got offers pouring in already, you have an offer on the table from me to take you pillioning when you feel up to getting some air up your nose... I have a comfy pillion seat on the 9R.

    Best wishes bro.

    Get better quick O:)
  16. Thought your pillion seat was taken up by little old ladies. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :bolt:
  17. See... THAT's how comfortable it is! :grin:
  18. That really sux. Wazza, keep your chin up and think positive mate. Remember that 675 is waiting for you. :wink:

    If you or Emma need anything, please let me know. :)

    :grin: :grin:

  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Can't argue with that