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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pink Angel, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. As most of you would have heard, the Netrider Tsunami Relief Ride has had to be cancelled.

    To date there has been an extremely dedicated group trying their best to get the event going. I would like to give a really big thank you to the people who put in quite an amount of time and effort, with little joy. So thank you, Steve (Voyager), Jason (Wanderer) and Vic. :applause:

  2. Bad luck guys and thanks for the run around you were doing. Sometimes bureaucracy will just grind you down and kick you in the a*&.
  3. And thank you to yourself too - you put in the yards just like we did. It was a team effort, and I'm proud of what we DID manage to achieve in that time. Its such a shame that other parties just refused to accomodate us, no matter what we tried.
  4. You gave it you best shot, and are to be congratulated for it. I think you've also done a great job of maintaining a professional approach. I would have been tempted to dish out a serious public spray about whoever was creating the delay and I think your restraint is admirable.

    Thanks for all your work.
  5. here , here
    You would have given it a good crack , its a pity it didnt work out .
  6. Well, OK, it has been delayed... WHY????

    Sorry, even though I was not planning in attending, I am concerned about why it would be cancelled. Sorry, I am one of those people that need to understand why all your efforts have been cut at the knee.

    You guys worked VERY hard on this and it is unacceptable for this to happen.
  7. Mitch, it doesn't really need to be said. I'll answer your question by saying that several authorities and their levels of beauracracy is what put an irremovable spanner in the works. Its nothing we can do anything about - they treated us badly, but its done now.

    If one of the guys wants to explain it to you off the public record, thats fine - I just won't do it here, sorry.
  8. Let me add my voice to the chorus, you guys worked hard and it's a bloody shame some pencil twister had to stuff it up. Can you tell us what finally killed it off?
  9. Hear!Hear! What a friggin joke,typical goverment/council bullshit. :evil: