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Big storm brewing from the south-west . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. . . . of Sydney that is !

    Any Quangerians or ACT citizens care to share details on its ferocity ??

    And how about an update in a couple of hours from the Gong ??

    Its going to be a BIG one apparently !
  2. Micky please add more info in your topics please
    big storm brewing in nsw

    lockyer the broncos player is a tool
    Half the time I wonder what you are on mate :)
  3. I was wondering where this storm was, as it's been a totally clear blue sky up until about 60 minutes ago... And then the unstable-looking clouds began to roll into W'gong from the west-south-west.

    Nothing particularly dark/angry looking just yet, but I'll give it time. ;)

    I chose to ride my mountainbike to work despite knowing fully-well that the BOM was proudly proclaiming "END OF THE WORLD THIS AFTERNOON". :LOL:

    Should be exciting when it starts to do its thing. :)

    Edit: Quick glance to the west-south-west; bit of rain in the far distance. No zappy-zappy though.
  4. The radar images on bom.gov.au look pretty angry west of the ACT.

    yeah, i've been hearing it all morning, the mother of all storms is heading towards Sydney this afternoon.
  5. It's a <cough> storm in a teacup; passed through here (Mittagong) about 20 minutes ago. a gust of wind and three drops of rain, pah.
  6. The only Storm you guys have to worry about is this one!!


    Yeah and Lockyer is a wanker
  7. It keeps looking nasty, but nothin's happened yet? Looked nasty before on the radar but nothin. I'm about to ride into a fair nastly look bunch of clouds though... Dont think it's that bad.
  8. Dunno about Sydney, but it's bucketing down here in Melbourne right now!
  9. Yeah but it is a day ending in "y" :p

    And good one matti-san :cool:
  10. So much for the mega storm we had to have !
  11. Bit breezy here in the Gong, but no rain yet! Storm in a tea cup?
  12. Burrow of Meateaters promises that the END OF THE WORLD, for IMMEDIATE PRIORITY BROADCAST has been merely postponed to "late evening" for the south coast and "early Tuesday morning" for Sydney.
  13. bit of wind up here in Gunners... mainly just light-medium rain since 4pm or so
  14. There's always wind in gunghalin!!!
  15. Gunners, Quangers, Nungga, Queenbo, Tuggers . . . . those suburbs remind me of the days I use to live a Jerra ! :LOL:
  16. Dont forget Belcompton!!!
  17. He's not the only one. I'm getting to the point that unless a thread's subject heading is specific in its content then I don't bother opening it up to read it.

    Under "General" I counted at least 10 threads on the first two pages that had no clear topic heading.

    Then there are the legal ones in "Laws and Politics" where people don't bother to point out which state that the matter pertains to. The rule was supposed to be "[STATE} Subject Matter" but it's often not done that way, let alone the topic title itself being vague.

    When there are a lot of threads appearing daily and a website being slow to load (it's not just Netrider, but all web based forums) all of the pages' data, then it gets tiresome when you look at something thinking that it may interest you but you soon discover that it doesn't.

    Not that this is anyone's loss, I s'pose. But if I'm not alone in thinking this then there would be quite a few threads that people are ignoring.