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Big step up.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Zealt, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I've been looking for another bike now the little GPX has been written off (thank Bob for that) I was a couple months off restrictions before the accident (not my fault) and I'm kinda convinced i should go for a thou. :grin: PAYOUT CHA-CHING! $$$$$

    I'm not the shortest guy around so I'm looking for something i actually fit on, a mate of mine said i looked like a preying mantis riding an ant on the GPX so i think a CBR100RR would be a good choice, I'm thinking this model

    sexy eh..... needs more black though.

    BUT!! i just have no idea what it will be like going from something with less then 30 HP to something with more then 100..

    I'm guessing FUN.

    But wanted some opinions from the masses,

    What did you guys think when you upgraded to something WAY more powerful????

    Was it like being pushed on the trike when you were a kid to jumping on to a jet engine?

    Cuz thats kinda what I'm looking for.

    Lolz look what i found while looking for a CBR piccie.

  2. I'm sure you will get flamed for your post.. but you only live once right?

    If i have enough money in March i too will be going from a 250 to 1000 :D
  3. Personally I think it’s too soon.
  4. I just went from a GS500f to a Ducati 848 and as long as you are sensible with your right hand, you should be OK!
  5. Go for it.... just take it easy, plenty plenty of practices and take it easy :cool: with your right hand it should be alright.
  6. Yeah go for it. L4 1000's are easy to ride if your not a mung with the throttle...

    Nice and tame down low in the revs so the bike doesn't force you to do a flying 1/4 mile off every set of lights. But give it a full wind out and you'll be smiling into next week :cool:
  7. Hmm, you've shown some immaturity on the forums, but not always.

    You are still a student, but you are also 27 years old.

    I would say you will survive the upgrade, as long as you show some sense in the first three months or so.

    I took a long break from motorcycling and came back onto a 1000cc bike, although with only 92bhp, and survived with only about four incidents that gave me a scare. (Went wide on corners early on.) Now I don't scare so easily. :grin:

    I would suggest, however, that when you get it you go back to basics and do lots of slow work in a carpark to learn that skill on a large, more powerful bike. The last thing you want to do is drop you brand new pride and joy while attempting a tight U-turn or something similar. It is sooo easy to do, especially on a bigger bike. The GPX was a toy compared to the CBR1000RR.
  8. Ah, yes. The man makes a very good point. Superbikes are brutal for low speed maneuvers. Get plenty of practice in and always prepare early for u-turns. Even moving the bike around in the driveway can be a royal pain.
  9. Relying on your wrist to do the right thing is all well and good, but everyone makes mistakes. The difference is a mistake on a GPX will see you 10-20kph in a bad place. A 1000cc will see you 60-100kph. Thats the difference right there. Wrong gear, bit too much throttle, poor downshift, all ok on 35bhp, when your astride 150bhp, you get the picture. If you grab a used bike around the 600 mark, you will not only increase your chances of survival, you'll be a better rider, and the bigger man in the end.
  10. dont forget rego/greenslip and insurance cost will be a lot more also
  11. If you are 100% determined to get a 1000, take a look into adjustable throttles.

    They can make it much easier to learn the big bike with.

    Sure you can be sensible, but what happens when you hit a bump you were not ready for and jerk the throttle a little bit?

    Going from 35-45hp (depends on condition) to the claimed 172hp of the CBR is a massive jump.

    Also this may surprise you, but the CBR makes its peak torque at lower RPM than the GPX, and that peak toque is almost 5 times what the 250 had.

    I suggest you find a 600 or so that is comfortable and build your skills. You will be a better rider in the end if you do.
  12. jesus christ you sound like my mum! I think that's being a bit pedantic a small jerk like that wouldn't send it rocketing off that much... and wouldn't it be the same for an experienced rider?
  13. :LOL: One of the many Netrider Nanny's coming up with another highly exaggerated example of how a 1000cc is instant death :LOL:

    Seriously, a bump that makes you jerk the throttle enough to make you lose control? Maybe it might give the bike some bad head shake but that could happen to any bike. :LOL:
  14. Do a quick search, there was a massive thread not long ago on a similar subject... got quite heated but some good arguments for and against. There are others from further back too.

    In the end it's your call. I'd advise against it, but that's all I can do - advise. You're going to do what you want either way anyway, and that's entirely your prerogative.

    That said, the black Blade looks great, and they were always very well reviewed/regarded bikes. Just don't go turning it into a motorbation like that link you provided!
  15. Zealt, I haven't paid attention to your posts like RoderickGI. I think that if you get it go and get some good training before you get away on it. If you're like I presume most are, I'm sure you'd be in the careful / poop-pants mode when first getting on a bigger bike (600 or 1000). The Blade has a lot of go but surely everyone can govern its take offs in the sense that I think a GP take off on the GPX would probably be quicker than an easy take off on the Blade.

    Basically, you've got two lines of thought in this thread. There's no surprises there. There's those who say its possible to do without drama if you do it sensibly and there's others who, quite rightly, say that you can get yourself into a lot of trouble before you know it if you're not concentrating. You know what you're like. I know that if I were in your shoes, I'd take a lesser jump up in power if I had any doubt whatsoever that I wouldn't do anything stupid early on. If I trusted myself to do so, I'd get the Blade and spend some money (the amount I think reasonable - probably $1k) getting some good training.

    I know I could ride a Blade like a good boy but I also know that one brain fart (which I could quite easily do) would get me in all sorts of trouble so I'd take the 600/675 route because they're hella fast anyway..... but that's just me.
  16. Well I haven't ridden a thou but I have just upgraded from a 250 to a Daytona 675.
    I was nervous as hell taking out for the first time, especially as it was wet.

    After having it for just a week I feel totally comfortable with it and don't find the power intimidating what so ever.

    Now I know that there is a big difference from 675-1,000 but I think it depends totally on the person and their frame of mind.

    When I was looking around I considered the thou's, and if I went this way I would be looking at the Suzuki and Yammy as they had the ability to switch modes to down grade the power. I would think a sensible person riding one such as these would be able to safely get used to the bike quicker than one without this option. But as with most bikes if you keep the revs down you can keep the power way down as well.
  17. as a lenky person myself, i dont fit on that mdl 'blade. the pegs are in a terrible position for someone with LONG legs. just because it's a thousand, doesn't mean it's big. the new 08/09 'blade is tiny! go sit on a few. generally the older bikes (late 90's, early 2000's) are bigger, then they all went small.

    as for the jump in power. i went from a 45hp 250 to a 175+hp R1.

    i believe you need to have your head screwed on, as things happen A SH1TLOAD FASTER on a real sports bike. it will accelerate quicker than you can think. it will mono before you're aware the front wheel is 1ft off the deck. and it will stop faster than you can comprehend if you give the front brake lever a good squeeze. lastly, it will wheel spin.

    are you ready for it?
  18. Thing is, the modern 'thous can be bimbled around town like a 250 without any drama at all. However, as noted, judicious use of the throttle is required.
  19. When starting to test-ride bigger bikes, I was anticipating looking at the throttle and instantly dying from the things I'd read around the traps. I jumped on them and they went fast when I told to, and nothing more. They were all very well mannered, and were not scary at all. Just remember not to ride it like your 250, pinning the throttle to the stop at every opportunity.

    I went from a GPX to a 02 ZX9-R, and while the 9 is most definitely not a '09 blade, it's still a decent piece of machinery thrustwise. It will loft the front on command, and the thrill of an (almost) litre bike at full howl is something that will put a smile on anyone's dial. I have found that when you forget that you are riding something with the power to tell gravity to bugger off in the first 3 gears, that is when little mistakes count.

    As others have said, yes, it's a big jump, but I honestly think it's not that big of a deal if you can control yourself. Yeah, it has <insert large HP & Nm numbers here>, but be at least a little bit gentle with your right hand, and you will only be dealing with 1/2 that, which is quite the manageable step from a 250. If you are giving full berries, then you have made the judgment call that it is safe to do so. I think the real question should be, can you make that call?

    Bikes are not the safest thing around, 250/600/1000/+ doesn't matter. Take it easy and you stand a better chance than most.
  20. Fortunately I've been blessed with more then my fair share of common sense , so I would be treating the throttle very carefully, and being an expensive machine i would be extra cautious.

    The reason im looking at 1000's is mainly because the size (yes its bigger and trust me i have been looking at bikes and test sitting for months leading up to being unrestricted) my legs and knees fit well in the groves of the tank and not above them like some others mainly 600's, the gixxa's side faring stabs directly into my knee (just an example).

    I'm taking the cbr out tomorrow if i get time, then i'll go look for a 600 cbr (think peter stevens has a couple) and see how they compare.

    Ohh and on insurance and rego.. anything above a 500cc is full rego cost so no savings on a 600 there and ive spoken to a couple insurance companies and a 600 RR and a 1000RR are in the same risk category and cost the same for me... so no savings there on insurance either.

    But will cost more for a 1000 so higher stamp duty.