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Big Spada project?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dialagranny, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. G'day guys,

    I bought an unregistered Spada with last year's tax money from Gippsland, and have spent the last year gathering funds for a RWC and rego. I was only given one set of keys with it, and in a monumentally stupid move managed to lose them and probably throw them out when I recarpeted and painted my room in March. Although I could have had a new key cut, the ignition switch was bothersome in the first place and the seat cover was a separate key, so I decided to buy a new lockset online (less that half the cost than from a wrecker!).

    Anyway, long story short I now have a lockset with two brand new keys, the Spada workshop manual and the bike all together. However, I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, having had a look at the procedure to swap out the ignition barrel.

    So. Is it worth a bit of DIY? I consider myself as a bit of a tinkerer, but would it be a smarter move to get a mechanic to do the work for me? From what I can tell, the handlebars need to be removed, then the instrument panel taken out too before I can change the ignition barrel. The fuel cap is just three allen bolts but I suspect the tabs on the underside of the locked cap have a firm hold of the inside of the tank. And as for the seat lock, I don't even know where to begin, with the latch being simple enough but hidden well under the lip of the seat.


  2. Do it yourself mate, it is probably a lot easier than it seems. As long as you don't bugger anything up (I suggest you take a picture of the under side of the original ignition barrel so you have a reference point for the wires), it'll be fine! Just take your time, save your money, and be satisfied in the fact that you did everything yourself.
  3. Kernel's got the idea; photograph every step, you should be fine....
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll try and find some time during the week, but failing that, Saturday will become struggle-with-these-bloody-locks day. Although that might actually have to be pushed to Sunday, with the Blues smashing the Demons around the MCG planned and all....
  5. Quick update, although I doubt anyone is interested in the slightest.

    Ignition Replaced: No
    Fuel Cap Replaced: No
    Seat Lock Replaced: YES!

    Also, I now know pretty much exactly what I've got to do regarding the other locks. Thanks for your advice guys, will post back with further progress.

    Oh, and who could forget Blues smashing Demons: HELL ****ING YES!
  6. Ok, so I spent about an hour this morning taking the tank off the bike and drilling out the old fuel cap. Just as I was starting to get downtrodden and doubtful the thing would ever open (got up to an 8.5mm bit - basically the entire barrel width), the cap popped up nonchalantly.

    I had the foresight to fill the tank with water first, and so now I'm off to get some gaffer tape and metho, to slosh around inside, then let dry out properly.

    Another job done!

  7. Does a Spada have an immobilizer system ??? Or HISS ??? Damm had a guy here with one today too.
    Is it pre 04 ????
    If it's a pre 04 the key cut code is under the tank and no need to redo the locks. You can take that code to most good locksmiths and have a new key cut.
    Or if it's not there under the tank you can take the said tank down to any good locksmith and they can cut a new key for the lock. Anywhere from 80 to 140 bucks and you have new keys for your bike.
    And yup I have just realized this information is totally useless to you.
  8. It's an '89 (AFAIK Spadas were only built for a couple of years before the VTR250 took over as cheaper to build), so noooo on both counts. I am thinking a disc lock will thwart any arseholes with a screwdriver.

    As for the lock codes - there had clearly been some tomfoolery before I bought her, as the fuel lock was already a different key to the ignition.