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Big sized gear!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Wigan Warrior, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I need to get a complete set of gear - Helmet, Jacket, Boots, Gloves, Pants(??), maybe waterproofs - that will be sutiable for the Melbourne weather (cool in summer, warm in the winter and waterproof!) on a daily commute.

    The only other catch is that being a bit of a bear, I need big sizes (48" waist and 56" chest). I dont want leathers, prefer textile.

    Any one any suggestions on specific items and stockists?

    Jacket wise I've been looking at the DriRider Climate Control 2 Jacket - presuming 4xl will be big enough, unless someone can suggest better!

    But pants I've not got a clue - do I just get pair of riding jeans (does anyone make them in my large ass size?) and set of waterproofs pants or soemthing like DriRider Summit Pro Pants?

    Gloves, boots, helmet - again no idea!

    I've got around $600-$800 max to spend.
  2. Your budget of $600 - $800 for that entire set of gear is very low.
    General budget would be similar to this.
    Helmet ~$400
    Dririder climate - $299
    Dririder summit pants - $220
    Gloves ~ $80
    Boots ~ $200

    Total - $1299
  3. dunno where your buying your gear
    got my rxt helmet for 150
    motodry viper textile jacket with removable waterproof/windproff liner and body armor 160
    motodry textile stealth summer pants also with ce armor built in and removable liner 180
    gloves 25
  4. Is the motodry OK for the summer? Notice they are 100% waterproof and jacket has thermal liner for winter, they also go upto 5xl so could be good, but dont want to sweat like a pig in a sausage factory when I'm going to work in summer!8-[

    Notice Mars Leathers do the motodry 'rider' jacket and pants - $199 for jacket $135 for pants.

    With gloves, am I better buying a summer and winter pair?
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  7. with the liner in they very warm when its cold with the liner out they freezing when its cold,
    one some warmer days so far without the liner it was a bit warm when i was just waiting around wearing the jacket but once moving was all good, that being said its not summer atm and it does hit the 50's here so guess i will find out what they like mid summer.
  8. As anyone got any experience with the textile jackets and pants from these guys? Seem to be waterproof and with extra removable lining.

    Are there any stockists closer to Melbourne CBD?
  9. Wigan Warrior,
    Buying gear can be expensive, as we all know, especially when on a limited budget !
    Dririder gear is very good, based on many reviews but as Geeth has pointed out, would well and truly be above your proposed budget.

    I'm not sure if you have searched this yet, but another option for you may perhaps be 'Bikers Gear', in Phillip Island.... here's the link for you :

    They seem to carry a vast array of stock and sizes and offer what seems great quality gear at a reasonable price.
    Best of luck mate and safe, happy riding (y)
  10. I heard Mars leathers - Elizabeth Street CBD have a sale on at the moment and they stock like large sizes. You might be able to get some good prices at the moment. Don't know how long the sale lasts but I'm sure its worth a try. Cordura types are waterproof- but ask about the waterproof-ness. Also there are waterproof riding boots as well, I know Xtreme brand do some. By the way Mars Leathers also do made to measure garments - sometimes its more comfortable to get things in your EXACT size. Anyway- GOOD LUCK:)
  11. I've got one of their textile mesh summer jackets (with waterproof liner) that I use for commuting along with a pair of their kevlar jeans (and rjays water proof overpants for wet days), 5000kms in them without issue so far.

    The build quality seems fine, the styling is a bit blah but they're cheap so I can forgive that and it saves my good gear for the weekend.
  12. You budget is to low to get decent quality gear. Dryrider make their gear in larger sizes up to 6 or 8XL from memory but they are to expensive for what you get. Some of their products are near Dainese prices. RST make excellent quality products at good prices and their new Ventilator range might be a good option for you if they have the right size. The Ventilator jacket and pants all have 3 layers mesh/cordura,thermal and waterproof and each is removable in whatever order you want. The jacket also has a CE back protector. Most bike shops sell RST but PS in the city has a good range as their sister company Monza imports bring it in. Draggin jeans will make any size you want but I know that I have seen a couple of pairs of 48 on the rack at PS in the city. Just remember when buying gear the more you spend now the less you will spend in 6 months when you want better gear.
  13. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to spend big to get good gear. It is a myth. The facts are it is all made in some 3rd world country by people on 64 cents an hour using the same materials. Have a guess what the markup is on a $700 AlpineStars Jacket made in Vietnam? This was my budget 4 years ago and I'm still wearing it today (the gloves almost need to be retired though) and I ride to work nearly every day.
    Boots 150
    Gloves 50
    Pants 150
    Jacket 150
    Helmet 200
    Total 700
  14. Went to mars leathers and now cant decide if I need a summer textile jacket with removable waterproof layer (as built in waterproof is going to make we sweat like a bugger in summer) and put base layer or thermals when gets cold.

    The ones with removeable thermals didnt have removable waterproofing.
  15. I've ridden in cheap gear for 30 years now... I still feel no need to waste dollars on overpriced stuff when I can spend it on bike accessories instead [-(
  16. Peter Stevens clearance shop is around the corner in a'beckett st. have a look there.

    for waterproofing get a cheap rain jacket from aussie disposals and wear it over the top of the textile one. if its a mesh jacket, something wind proof, such as oxford chillout, underneath is the go.
  17. Is it true that draggin jeans have a clearence shop somewhere in Melbourne?
  18. What I'm now thinking is a summer (mesh) textile jacket with removable waterproofing so have the waterproofing and not too warm in winter, I can just had base layer in winter. Something like http://www.bikersgear.com.au/detail...Tc0Ng==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    Then either a pair of draggin jeans (especially if I find out where there cleareacne store is) with a pair of waterproof pants or a pair of textile pants like http://www.bikersgear.com.au/detail...Tc2Mg==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    ANy thoughts on a cheap helmet (prefer plain and if possible the split kind where mouth lifts up), boots (cheap waterproof but breathable) and gloves (do I get winter and summer pair or can someone recommend a pair sutiable for all seasons and rain).

  19. Got a dri-rider cliamte control 2 from the Peter Smith clearance shop for $199 and an Helmet for $149 - bargain.

    Boots, gloves and pants to go!