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Big shout out & New bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Over the weekend i picked up my new bike from Sydney, well i didn't, but a few guys gave me a hand (LCPIII, Ktulu & Fluffy donkey) Many thanks again guys, will have to get down there for a few drinks with ya :)
    Anyways went to pick up the bike, nice bloke who owned it, wanted to get rid of it because he's upgrading to a Hybusa (what an animal :wink: ) so i picked up a nice bike, a GS500F at a bit of a bargain.
    So after the pick up, the guys rode the bike all the way back to the Central Coast, a journey that was flaunt with dangers....Mattreses on roads, crazy young female drivers who thought they were in the NASCAR, Queenslanders :)
    But got there safe nonetheless, so now the bikes in the garage waiting for me to get my Ls on the weekend.
    And all thanks to the blokes i met here, thanks again guys for helping me out :)
    (Pics when i figure out how to do it)

  2. Haha sucks to be you. Hope you have a big driveway because there's no way I couldn't resist jumping on it before waiting for another week until I got my Ls. :grin:

    Enjoy it mate, it sounds like a fantastic first bike. I'm a little envious :twisted:.
  3. Yeah already been up and down the driveway, so tempted to turn out and give it a blast up the road :grin:
    Only a few more days though :twisted:
  4. haha, good luck with it!
    i'm sure its "worth the wait" :LOL:
  5. What are you waiting on?

    What color is it?

    How much did you pay, details of the bike etc (friend is looking at one)

    If you want to come for a quick blat to Newcastle feel free or ill ride down there

    best of luck with it, they're a nice bike
  6. - Waiting on my Ls, this weekend
    - Its the dark blue with white, like a mini GSXR :wink:
    - Ended up paying $6100, the bloke wanted $7000, only 5700kms, been looked after, looks like new, sounds great and it goes like lightning up my driveway :wink:

    A ride up to Newcastle would be good, i could shoot up the Pacific Hwy heading towards Caves Beach. Gotta gain some skills first and i'll be everywhere :grin:
  7. Awsome mate, ill meet you half way if you like, have you ridden on the road before?
    Anyways, nice bike, especially nice Km's, grats on that :)
  8. Congrats Wedge, I am envious, especially that you live in NSW and have a wider and better choice of bikes. :(

    Good luck with your Ls, I am going for mine this weekend.
  9. Havn't really rode on the road yet, (driveway doesn't count :wink: ) thats pretty much why i'm waiting to ride the bike.
    But since its my only mode of transportation i'll be riding all the time, so the skills should progress the more i ride :)
  10. Hey Wedge no prob, it was a comfortable bike to ride up the coast, you are going to love it. :) Just remember if you want to join us for rides in Syd there is always a spare bed if you want to come down the night before.

    Oh and when you finaly get to ride your rocket on the road you will realise this is the best purchase you have ever made. :)
  11. Will definetly have to take you up on the offer and vice versa, from what i've heard you say about the National Park i'll be keen as for a ride around town :)
  12. Congrat's wedge, You will love the bike. :grin: Since having mine the zeal has looked really lonely in the shed. :( Going for first big ride this weekend up to the hunter, :cool: but so far can not fault gs.
    Catch ya out there.

    Cheers Lou
  13. Nice choice of bike!

    Congrats on the new beastie :)
  14. I feel like shooting you :p. I'm so bloody jealous! lol.

    I'll be stoked once I get $2k more so I can get a CBR 250RR, getting so psyched for it. Currently riding an XT250 (97 model), spent this arvo trying to pop the front hweel off the ground. Can get wheel off, but it plants back down pretty quickly :p.

    Majorly sweet bike you got there, i'm jealous as. Might I recommend really paying attention to the stuff you learn on the rider training course. Regardless of if you think it's easy or not, it really helps. I got my l's few weeks ago, there are some idiots on the road, no doubt.

    Good luck mate! All the best! :D