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Big Road Racing Weekend Coming Up

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. This weekend sees the 6th Round of the World Superbike Championship from Imola and the 7th Round of the MotoGP Championship from Assen.

    Highlights for Australian watchers is of course having Aussie riders presently occupying 1st and 3rd place in the SBK Championship and the "guest" ride by Anthony West on a Honda in the 250cc race at Assen.

    Does someobody have free-to-air and Pay TV telecast times??

    Remember that the MotoGP races are on Saturday, as no racing is allowed on Sunday in the Netherlands.

  2. Superbike Championship (god knows what round they will replay!) on Ten Sunday 1:00pm.

    MotoGP coverage from 11:59PM Saturday night on ten.

    Don't miss the 'Key of David' on ten at 4:30am for some right-wing religious evangelism.
  3. Have to be the last round, surely?
    Anyway, it will still be great racing...Go Corser!!! (gotta support the Wollongong boy!)
  4. Heard that there was going to be a clash with the cricket on Fox so they were shifting it to Main Event channel and you would not need to pay for it. (Read it from another member on this site).

    Cheers 8)
  5. I do believe you are right, it IS on main event and it IS free!!
    Warm the set and cool the tinnies again.
  6. Thats OK I was stressing the other night thinking it was on and was putting it on Main Event and the message said something like "No broadcast at the moment" and I was thinking bullshyte the bikes are on :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Had to jump on the PC and check the Moto calender and realised it was next week :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Cheers 8)
  7. Hey Dan, right-wing religious evangelism isn't so bad, it's the Benny Hinns of the world ya gotta watch out for, like, who's paying for his expensive jewellery? I'll give you three guesses and you won't need the last two.
  8. Bring it on. This is going to be a Baghwan. :D
  9. Saturday on Main Event from 7:30 according to a post on another forum is the Dutch Moto GP.

    A replay will be shown at 11:00am on FS2 on Sunday Morning for those still recovering at HQ.

    Sunday 7.30pm LIVE Superbikes, Round 6, San Marino FS1.

    Also Speedweek (SBS) on Sunday will feature several of the support classes from the Mallala round of the Aussie Superbike Series AND

    As mentioned by Dan above Ch10 on Sunday has an hour of the Main Races from the Barbagallo round of the Aussie Series as well (not the world series).

    All in all a big weekend of bike racing.
  10. Which channel is main event on Foxtel Digital, that is, what's its channel number eg FS1 is 501 and FS2 is 502, just so I don't miss it.
  11. From the aussie series web site;

    Click here for the original.

    Another Big Sunday Afternoon Of TV Coverage Of The YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship Is On This Weekend....

    There is another Big Sunday afternoon of motorcycle racing coming your way on Network TEN and SBS Speedweek this weekend from the recently run Barbagallo Raceway round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship.
    First up at 12.30pm approximately on SBS Speedweek the Superstock, 125GP and Sidecars will feature one race each from the recent W.A round of the series.

    Then at 1.00pm through to 2.00pm Network TEN will be broadcasting the second of ten hours of national coverage of the 2005 YMF Loan ASC series.

    This one-hour show will provide highlights from both races in the YMF Loan sponsored Superbike and Supersport classes. There will also be highlights package from one of the Flexirider Insurance Formula Xtreme Future Champions class races. This show is not to be missed with some very exciting and close racing action from the exciting W.A circuit. There is lots of on board camera footage in both of the series premier classes.

    This back to back programming will provide Australian motorcycle race fans with one and a half hours of thrilling ASC racing. Simply turn on your TV's at 12.30pm and tune into SBS Speedweek, then at 1.00pm switch over to Network TEN for the big one.

    So make sure you either have your VCR's set to record or that you are home or at a mates place to catch all the racing action on TV this Sunday from 12.30pm.

    To add to this weeks TV extraganza the following Sundays Speedweek show will feature a further hour of racing from W.A. There will be some great action from the Pro-Twins, Nakedbikes and the 125GP and Formula Xtreme classes.

    Don't forget to tell your friends that the ASC is on TV this weekend and next so as many people as possible get to see our great sport and series.


    Terry O'Neill
  12. Analog Ch 46
    Digital Ch 955
  13. BUMP


    Dutch Moto GP on as I type on Main Event channel, late on Ch10

    San Marino Superbikes on Tomorrow night on Foxtel.

    Australian Superbike Series from Barbagallo on Ch10 tomorrow from 1:00pm.

    Also on Speedweek on SBS at around same time.