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Big-Ride fever hits again :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. "You're nutz!! How often have you checked that chain now?"...The words fade as I skip down the steps on the way to the garage...YET AGAIN.
    Engine bolts/ chassis bolts/ caliper bolts/ brakeline-guide-bolts/ chain-slack...over and over and over. Nearly 1.5 bottles of Loctite 243...then the rest of that 2. bottle redoing what I'd already done before.

    Sweat-soaked wake-ups with visions of a snaking line of bends along a hillside, green paddocks down below and white-capped peaks in the distance...the road-atlas still next to the pillow, books/brochures splattered all over the floor...the mirror shows a dark red line on one cheek...must've gone to sleep on one of the highlighter-pens again.

    Did I loctite the bolts on the Peg's chainguard last night? Did I?
    Better check...
    The phone goes...one of the "crew": "let's compare tools again, so we don't double up"....argghhh, third time this week.

    Again re-packing the overflowing tool-tray, the doorbell goes...another one of the "crew" showing off the new sleeping bag...more coffee, more fiddling on the bikes, another 3 Armourall wipes with a cloth ("The bikes have to be CLEAN for shipping, otherwise there's trouble with Quarantine"), any more cleaning and the clear-coat will be completely gone :)
    Everyone of the "bunch' is the same...calls and emails galore day after day, worries about this and that....and again.

    It's an infection, it's manic, it's psycho...it's just plain SICK.
    Big-Ride fever is BAAAD, infectious...wrecking.
    After organizing many 'Big-Rides" previously, I was certain that I could stay aloof this time (been there, done that, eh? ), don't get caught, just watch the others go bonkers...
    NO FU&^ING WAY....I copped it real bad ... really, it's worse than ever before...and it feels sooooooooo gooooood :D

    NZ, here we come !!!!!!!!!!
    Did I pack the spare pannier-key? Did I? Gotta check, cop ya later...
  2. BIG ride sounds like BIG STRESS!!!

    Seriously though, hope you all have a great time Pete and don't forget to give us all a look at the ride-report when you get back :)
  3. Bugger the pannier key, did you pack the gumboots? You'll need them to relax prior to the BaaaaaaaaBQ :) Is Gary going too? If so, he'll take care of the really big one's :LOL:

    Have a great time and lot's of awesome riding ... bastard! :) :)
  4. Nah, it's just this...this...THING, that...ahhhhh...packed the spare chainlink for the Peg, did I???
    Out the back door again...
    :D :D
  5. pffffft...

    Naw, didn't let him in after seeing the Strathbogie pic Marty posted the other week....something about genetics/ mutation and all that :p :p

    That's the worst part, it's still a month or so off...don't know if I'm gonna see Tullamarine on the way out.... the way it's going :D :D