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BIG Rap for John at Morno Kawa

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by CFVFR, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd post this up as a usual occurance when utilising the services of Mornington Kawa.

    Dropped in on a Friday to see if John could Dyno my VFR, sort out my front suspension and fit some snazzy new Pazzo levers.

    "No probs says John"
    Dropped of the bike Mon

    He had the bike a few days (reasonable jobs to do that would take a bit of time, no dramas)

    I dropped in on the Weds with the levers that had arrived and John takes me out the back to show me the Dyno and how it was working on the bike. Interesting seeing your pride and joy getting the balls revved off it with rear spinning. But by God it sounded HAUT! Leo Vince CF cans doing there job wonderfuly (fitted by John as well as the PC3)

    Anyways, picked up the bike Fri. 11 HP extra and a smooth as silk delivery. No more VTEC arm ripping but a rather smooth kick in that is barely noticable. Great work.

    And the suspension?

    Stiffer springs (Ohlins) same as a ZX10 means that this baby turns true and holds a line much better than trying to wrestle it into a corner, no matter how late you turn.

    Any riders looking for a great service from John, Benno and crew should get their collective asses down sharpish!

  2. yeah spot on, thety are mechanics first and second retailers. makes a huge difference, the Morno Honda guys are pretty good as well.

    I made the comment yesterday that us on the peninsula are pretty connected via sports, work etc and they dont have enough passing traffic to piss off customers.
  3. Yep, Brian, Pete and the boys (and girls!) are great. Have spent a heap with them for gear and tyres. Brians always good for a chat and can ride the balls off any bike.
  4. I bought my first bike off John and he's done a bit of servicing for me and mates since.

    All good experiences on our side