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Big problem, all input appreciated

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrensc72, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. so I have been riding for a little over a month now and seem to have a problem which is worsening every time I ride.

    Take this afternoon for instance.

    After a long day today in Melbourne I arrived home at 6pm and decided I'd go for a short ride, probably for the same reason as most riders who decide to go for a ride when they don't nesecarily have somewhere to be.

    I set off without a destination in mind, turned left out of the driveway, made my way down to and through the main strip then onto the Highway, at this point I decided to head out to Tyres via Glengarry then back to Traralgon then home before it gets dark.

    Here's where the problem starts, I finished the planned route, I'm back in Traralgon heading home, now I know where I live, after all............. I've owned this house for almost 6 years, yet when I get to the turnoff to my place I always seem to miss it......... Yet I'm not speeding.......... I am not riding with my eyes closed........... I'm not relying on Google Maps to get me there........... As I said, I've lived here for almost 6 years, I know where I live!!!

    Now this problem generally leads to me heading back to the Highway riding up to the other end of town, generally detouring through a few back Streets/Roads then back onto the Highway heading toward home again.......... Now here's the real problem........... Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times as it did tonight before I finally manage to turn into my street then down driveway, needless to say it was past dark by the time I finally got home.

    Now the funny thing is........... This doesn't annoy me at all as you would expect it to........ Missing a turnoff 2 to 3 times would generally be enough to send anybody into a fit of rage, I know it does when I'm in my car........... Yet I seem to become more and more relaxed each time it happens.

    I thought about planning longer rides to eliminate this problem however it seems to happen on both short and long rides and regardless of the time of day or night.

    My question to all riders that read this is. Is this a real problem for Other riders?

    PS: Another problem I'm having is stopping along the way to admire the scenery and taking photos, I've never been one to take photos yet I can't help myself but I'll save that dilemma for another time

    image. image. image. image. image.

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  2. You need a new wife lol ....
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  3. Lol, no I promised myself I'd never get another one, not unless she's riding alongside me
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  4. Ooh nice bike.

    I'd say extending any ride through any means whether they be conscious or not is a problem most riders have.
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  5. Can't say I've had the same problem. Luck for you too, as I'd be turning up at your place all the time, recon that would eventually piss you off!

    Turns are easier to miss on a bike, it's harder to quickly change your route as well. Probably just not ready to complete your ride - nice ride too.
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  6. Great post Darren...very funny and very true!....nice bike too :happy:
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  7. I'm still trying to figure out the problem :)
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  8. +1
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  9. Found the problem. ;)
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  10. What a problem to have, its just your subconscious saying lets go for another lap, and with a bike like that who can blame it (y)
    If you find the need to pull up for photos post 'em up, we want to see them, great part of the state.
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  11. Yeah I was blaming my subconscious however truth be known it's my conscious mind that's making the decisions lol
    It is a great area for riding, plenty of nice roads and spots in every direction.
    I'll be sure to post up some photos
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  12. Dear Aunt Agatha; so I have been riding for a little over a month now and seem to have a problem................

    Darren; this is an all to common problem, especially stopping to admire your bike and taking photos of it!
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  13. I share your infliction. It's not so bad when your on your own. But when you are on a group ride, and worse actually leading the ride, and you take an unexpected turn or miss the expected turn, some people tend to loose their shit.
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  14. Maybe I should stick to riding solo, nobody to argue with other than myself
  15. After a while the group I rode with grew to expect and accept it. Basically at the beginning of the rides I wouldn't really bother telling the others what the route was going to be, merely which towns we'd be in and approximately when we'd be in them (occasionally I had to adjust things for some with ridiculously small tanks - but a couple of regulars learned and started carrying 5lt of extra fuel).
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  16. Definitely sounds like my kind of ride lol
  17. I always lose when I argue with myself.
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  18. Maybe you can't find your way home because, deep down, you don't want to go home. My advice is to keep riding.
    Seriously though ... maybe the roads look different from a bike than from your familiar view inside a car and after you have missed the turnoff once or twice, you keep passing it because you remember 'coming this way' before.
    Maybe you just have a crap sense of direction or you are getting distracted by how awesome riding around on a bike is.
    I find that thinking of it as being 'lost' is counter-productive. Try telling yourself that you are just engaged in 'spontaneous exploration'. Some of my best rides have come from taking a wrong turn.
    Safe riding Bro.
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  19. I used to literally drive past my house all the time for a while. I think back then, when I pulled into the street my mind would wonder off somewhere.
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  20. Was your mother in law staying at your place?
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