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Big Price Difference!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MrtypeR, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just clocked 1000ks on my hyo 250R so i call Peter Stevens in the city and ask the price to do this 1st service... he goes $395! Pretty shocked... so then i call Staffords in heidelberg and he goes its $150!...

    I know PS are expensive but far out... didnt think they'd be ripping people so hard!....

    isn't a 1000k service just a quick check over the bike?? do they change any oils??
  2. Don't expect too much quality on a $150 first service; I'm paying around $220 - $250 for a normal service on a ten-year old, 126,000 kms Hornet.
  3. First service is typically an oil + filter change, and an inspection of the tightness of nuts, and general tolerances.

    Unsure about Hyosung specifically though. A $395 service charge sounds to me like the service calls for lifting the cam cover and checking valve clearances and the like.
  4. What FLUX said.... Thats pretty spot on.. I get my Bike done through PS in the city, and yes, the total bill feels like a kick in the NADS (their labour charge is what gets you), however... the bike always feels like a magic carpet after I get it back, they fuss over it and when I waste shite loads of their time asking silly noob questions, I get indulged.

    So yeah, pay the dosh and always get what you want, or run the risk with a cheaper option that may or may not prove to be as effective.
  5. I will check the manual mate but im pretty sure on the first service they check the valve clearances..
  6. first service is an oil/filter change and general check.
    valve clearances don't get checked until 4k and even then most places will not bother to check unless you request it.

    best bet is to ask them to break up the costs or tell you what your getting for your money.
  7. Almost everyone I've heard of in Melbourne with a Hyo rates Staffords and avoids PS like the plague...

    Peter Steven's are the importer for Hyosung and possibly the worst at looking after them.

    Don't get me wrong they are still POS, but when you need to get it serviced take it to Straffords.
  8. As a Hyo rider (although a GV250) I can say that Staffords service and customer service has always been excellent in my experience. It it is a pain the ass to travel all the way from Altona out to them for services, but I have found it well worth it, and value for money.

    Also their dealings with Hyo on any warranty ralated issues cannot be faulted at all.

    So yes, I would have no qualms about taking the bike there, and as other posters have said, the first 1000K service is more of a checkover to make sure everything is in working order. The first proper service doesn't come in until about 5K or 6K.
  9. Go to Staffords. He cares.
  10. You should stop being lazy and do some of it yourself :) My last major was $190 because I did everything I'm able to before handing it over for the hard stuff to be done.

    $150 for a first service, yeah I wouldn't pay a cent more than that considering its just some checks and oil + filter etc
  11. The Staffords 1st service is the same as the PS first service. They also give a shit.

    Go to Staffords. You'll be much happier.
  12. 1000km service. They are probably not going to do anything else then change the oil and filter.

    Easiest way to find out is to ask both mechanics what they are doing for the 1000km service.
  13. I know I'm used to cars, but isn't the stuff done in X kms service normally stated in the owners manual?
  14. +1 for Staffords :)
  15. There you go...

  16. thanks guys for the comments... yeah definitely taking it to staffords... $150 sounds bout right for a 1000k service... $395 sounds like a major service!...

    anyways loving the bike so... great sporty little bike to get some experience while on my L's/P's.. then 600 or 1000 here i come :)