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Big Off - Old Pac near the Slab!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 99CIBBER, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. #1 99CIBBER, Sep 9, 2010
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    Just found this on the tube. A few years old, Id say a few guys here know that corner very well. !!

  2. eeeek... :-s
  3. Is this the high speed right as you come back up towards PITS headed towards Berowra?
  4. How u know it's old pac?
  5. Confirmed by 2 mates who knew about it when it happened
  6. Looks nothing like what's around the slab area and sounds like they speaking American
  7. it's 4 years ago now. Look at the road markings, look likes recent roadwork and the lines havn't been covered up yet, was it like that back then? Agree they are speaking "American" and the caption is in feet and mph.
  8. And we don't say woods :)
  9. It seems to be a re-post. The vid info shows it was taken in 2003. I reckon Pete sounds Aussie as! I will interogate my sources further. That bit of road was closed for ages because of the giant sink hole which claimed a few lives after a car plunged into it. hence the lack of street view.
  10. The bloke speaking sounds like TeoDons (who has a helmet cam) and I've ridden the OPH with him and my name is Pete. Gah! I don't remember coming off. And I certainly don't remember having a bike back in the early noughties.

    How strange! :-s

    Fun Ha!
  11. Dude speaking sounds Phillipino.
  12. isn't it 60 zone
  13. yeah i've stopped there many times
  14. How in the **** did he not collect a tree... o_O Some serious luck right there!