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Big moment on the Old Road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ballsy Mgee, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. I got a new Replay XD1080 action camera and decided to find a quiet time during the week to shoot a fast run through parts of the Old Road.

    I was being a bit of a dickhead and almost lost it coming up towards PITS. Its on an uphill square left double left hander. I was just about to turn in for the 2nd apex but ran a touch wide onto the adjacent lane (double-laned) and hit a cats eye at a reasonable lean angle, which caused me to lose the front momentarily. Needless to say it scared the shit out of me.

    If you don't want to watch the whole video skip to 7:50

  2. You're bloody lucky there wasn't something coming the other way, settle a bit mate, don't want to lose you.
  3. I assume you mean by a 'fast run' you mean at over the posted 60KPH speed limit?
  4. Pucker up time.....

    That did not look like nice
  5. NR odds time:

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  6. Nice clear run, except for that one cyclist.

    Yeah, take it easy - if that was a right hander you might have been a tree hugger!
  7. You're stupid for several reasons, one of them posting your video online. It's very easy to do time over distance calculations to work out your speed. Taping yourself riding can be a double edged sword.
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  8. ^ That's going to change smileedude's odds!

  9. Whatya mean? Umm well yeah.. I mean only fast for my standard and the with bike I'm on.. I've only been riding for ~15 months. Do you want me to edit in 'slow run' just for you? ;)
  10. I think it was because you put the wrong glove on first.

    And I don't' think it was a catseye. It was a kitten you ran over.
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  11. He sped up the video to look more impressive. He forgets how much.
  12. Nah the mods are going to get way to much entertainment value on this to lock it early, video removed doesn't count as a lock.

    ONE TIME ONLY OFFER, multi bets available in conjunction with the tipping. A rossi win and a post in this thread receiving more than 10 funny ratings is paying $50
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  13. fcuk'n muppet :(
  14. Where to start,the divided section earlier in the vid is a 60k zone.The cops regulatly sit around that big sign where no one can warn you there there.Mid week or weekend there about.So I usually do my bit less that 10 over,there is no thrill in doing 80 there and the bust isn't worth the trouble.My preferred way to have fun on that road is to not hammer the throttle exiting corners,its just so easy to be up over 100 in that 60 zone and walking for 3 months again isn't worth it to me.It just as much fun running the 35k corners at 70 and maintaining that between the bends,slightly above the speed limit but at least arguably a slight error if you get pulled up.There is more wiggle room on the hill to The Pie,its 80ks.There is still NO EXCUSES for ending up on the other side of the road on a blind bend.At least you did hurt yourself.Yes its fun spinning it up exiting these bends but being smooth,maintaining corner speed and linking the bends without using the brakes is also fun,means less tyre wear draws less attention from the boys in blue and less dynamic forces being exerted.Your to aggressive.Only my opinion,ride a lot and still have a lot of points.
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  15. A cats eye !--you're joking.
    Lucky it wasnt a twig.
    Or worse still - a matchbox.
  16. Judging on how many times the OP ran wide and how deep he was braking into corners I consider him lucky to had arrived to the destination.

    I treat any moment as a crash now. My logbook of crashes would have at least 3 entries after this video.

    OP, you should have slowed down after having some smaller moments. There were some cues for you (it is even visible on the video for US) but you ignored them and followed your ego.

    I'm not a safetycrat and like to push sometimes too, but it looked like you were riding too close to your personal limits. And the best choice here would be to... SLOW DOWN and take a more comfortable pace.
  17. That looked pretty slow to me.

  18. It is all relative.

    The very last warning to the OP about being too fast for HIM was at about 7:20.
    And then 20 seconds later he does exactly the same thing and almost kills himself.

    But I should also compliment the OP for being able to stay on 2 :)
  19. Yes Blabbs but you are a seasoned rider. This guy is new and I think riding to the camera not the limits of his experience. Ballsy..... piss the camera off and practice your lines.
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  20. Firstly, by rights, you really should be dead.

    Secondly, your lines thru corners are absolute shite.

    You do the classic mistake of relatively new riders, of turning in too early.
    This comes of trying too hard to be quick.
    The standard result of turning in too early is that you'll run wide on the exit.

    Your 80 kph in the divided bit just after Mt.White is pretty stupid.

    We all know the cops occasionally sit there, and, to make that bit of road in any way entertaining, you have to go a bloody sight harder than 80, so why not just do the 60?

    Just BTW, and you didn't show how quick you were thru Mooney, but the cops occasionally pull the double there.

    One cop in Mooney itself, car hidden in drive way, then, after a bike riders gets that ticket, another cop, tucked up in the Kangaroo Point turn off gets an inattentive, and upset rider for their second ticket in ten minutes..... be warned.

    Could you please confine your riding like that to weekends, when I ain't on the road.

    If you want counseling in cornering, I'll happily give you the theory course, but I don't want to ride with you.
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