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Big man, small bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GumbyGreen, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Long time lurker first time poster.

    Just getting my red P plates and ive been riding a 2010 cbr125r for 8 months. Im looking for a larger bike as i'm 195cm tall and weigh 152Kg.

    I have the 125 because I got it second hand from a mate and its all I could afford.

    Had a few years of offroad riding experience but am much more looking for another sportbike.

    Despite the obvious lack of power in the 125 I really enjoy its incredible flickability. It does weigh 40kg less than me after all.

    So suitable sport bike suggestions would be much appreciated. Looking as cheaply as possible. I can do most of the maintenance myself, so not too worried about service costs unless parts arent available.
  2. And cbr954rr or a zx9r would suit you well I reckon.
  3. When im off my P's im looking at either cbr600rr or gixxer600 but thats still a few years away.
  4. Oh missed that, maybe a gs500 will suit you
  5. How about a Cagiva Mito? I AM joking!

    One thing which I have to mention, Gumby, is that you'll have gotten used to basically riding flat out everywhere on the wee Honda.

    Now that can be great fun, but, you do have to be careful when you get a slightly bigger and more powerful bike, and ride with more restraint.

    Given your height and weight, only you will be able to tell if a motorcycle fits you or not, and, if you want to go sports bikes, I expect it might be harder for you, as they tend to be designed for smaller, and very bendy, folk. :-(

    So go and try on as many as you can.......

    Good Luck with it!
  6. Welcome to the forum mate. Let us know how you go with your bike choice.
  7. Good luck mate, have to say I'm amazed a 125 has done the job so far! Re interim bikes, as CrazyCamCrazyCam says, try plenty and see how they feel. But in general I'd try and get a bigger motor (650) with as much torque as possible as that will get you off the mark more easily.
  8. g'day mate, i'm 186 tall n about 120kg, i ride a gs500, its my first bike, lams approved, i dunno how you can ride a 125, i rode a cb250 and i dont think ill ever go back to anything smaller than the 500. the bike is a great fit for me, might be for you too. anyway good luck in finding a better bike. ps (500's up have plenty of torque n power suited to us bigger blokes)
  9. I'm similar size and height as you, smidgen lighter but still 195cm.

    Nothing fit me... only the upright bikes suited me.

    I settle on the Kawasaki Versys 650L. Cheaper than other available upright bike, Tenere, F650, V-Strom
    It was my 1st bike and I did my L/P's on it. Just got my fulls and will be keeping it as it is such an awesome fun bike to ride.

    Ergos of the Yamaha FJ-07 MT-03 etc just not comfortable for big tall blokes.
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  10. I don't reckon either of those would fit you at your size. I'm 5'10" and I reckon my GSXR600 is near perfect, but my elbows still bang my knees in a tight crouch.
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  11. Thanks so much for all of your replies guys.
    Ive done a bit of riding on a mates gs500f and I find it ok length for me but its a big change in width after being used to something so narrow. The 125 is actually rather comfortable lol. I think because its so much smaller than me im sitting on top of it not in it so much.
  12. Thats a great site. Thankyou for the link.
  13. Oh that poor 125 motor
  14. G'day GumbyGreen, welcome to the forum. I'm a newer rider too. When I was looking around for my first bike, the Honda CB500X seemed to be a good bike for taller riders.

    The seat width at the front is relatively narrow which is something that may appeal considering you like the width of the CB125R.

    Others mentioned here - the Suzuki GS500 and the Kawasaki Versys - would also be good bikes that could hold your interest longer than the period of a restricted licence.
  15. Hey Gumby Green,

    I'm 196cm / 80kg and upgraded from a cb250 to a gs500f. Still not ideal, but better.

    +1 votes for Versys 650 and the Wee-Strom. Tried both and found them comfy and good to ride. Just couldn't afford either, hence the GS.
  16. The Gs500 has a loose front end from the factory which I notice very much and I'm only 75kgish. Fixing it might be the one performance enhancement mine gets before I'm done with it.
  17. Done a bit more looking around, what do you guys think of a second hand gsx650f lams?

    Gotta say the 125 has coped well with me on it. And when your first gear runs out at 35km/h you get good at shifting.
  18. heard nothing but good about them, get it checked though, by a mechanic, or an informed Netrider. Might cost you beer.
  19. It's ok... im an engineer... XD