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Big man on a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by wolfe, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Howdy,

    Just registered so thought I'd say hello.

    When I were a lad, my dad would make comments like "There goes another temporary Australian." It worked, I never even looked at motorcycles until I moved to China in 2012. Cars there are out of the question and I needed to get around so I picked up a 125cc scooter and got a taste for the wind in my face (well, against my faceplate anyway). I upgraded to a Regal Raptor (DD250E-98) but sold it with sadness only six months later as it was time to come home.

    So I'm back in Sydney now. I figure that if I can survive learning to ride on the homicidal roads of China, that I shouldn't be too sorely pressed by the generally better-behaved Sydney traffic. Just need to get me a licence and a bike...

    Which brings me to my question. I'm a BIG man (185cm and 160kg) and made the Raptor look small but I was pretty comfortable on it (other than some lower back ache after riding for an hour or so) and it had enough power to please my slow cruising style.

    So I'm looking at getting another cruiser like a Raptor, Rebel, Virago etc. One concern I had though was the lack of a... I don't know what to call it. Not a kick stand which leaves the bike at an angle, but a two-footed one like the scooters have, where you put your foot on it then rock the bike backwards. I was never really comfortable with leaving my bike on a lean.

    Anyway... so A) what's the name for that kind of stand and 8) can anyone suggest a LAMS compliant cruiser, preferably with that kind of stand.

  2. Hello Wolfe,

    It's called a "Centre Stand"

    What is your budget? I would say an XVS650 but they don't have a centre stand although there are after market centre stands for it.
  3. Hi Chris, thanks for that.

    Honestly I'm not sure of a budget at the moment as I'm still getting back on my feet having returned to Oz with empty pockets. I have a 18yo Camry that cost me a hefty $1000 so a bike is a luxury. If I can get away with doing my L's on a $1500 bike then all the better but that XVS650 does look like a nice 2nd bike.
  4. Hi Wolfe welcome to Netrider! When I bought my Suzuki Inazuma I had a centre stand fitted, it was about $150.00 and always park it at home on it. When I am out though its always the side stand.
    If you have ridden bikes in China you'll find riding a bit easier over here!... I was there earlier this year and wouldn't want to even drive a car there! :nailbiting:
  5. Hi Wolfe I ride an XVS650 with only the side stand. It was a bit worrying at first as all my previous bikes had the center stand. I am now over it and have no desire for one. It was an effort sometime to get the bikes onto the center stand but no problem with the side stand and the XVS is so heavy I wouldn't like to try. I am around 187cm and 150Kgs with bung knees. I don't need to bend them on the cruiser and not so high getting on or off. Some years ago I spent a few years in Malaysia where the Honda step through was the rage and the road rules were ignored. I had a Suzuki T250-2 and a Norton 500 in those days but I like the cruiser better now.
  6. Hi Wolfe, I was in China for 13 years and used to drive there (old Beijing jeep) until the roads got jammed and the traffic no longer moved at which time I went back to motorbike taxis - always wakes you up in the morning when they filter through traffic at 100km/h.

    Back in Brissy now and while there are less cars on the road I can't say the drivers are much better - many lazy, impatient, tailgating, red-light running idiots.

    Decided now after many years on pillion in Asia I may as well sit up front and learn to ride one myself.
  7. If you are on a tight budget the the Honda VT250C may be an option, not as big a bike as you would like but they are dirt cheap.
  8. One favourite memory is of coming out of the train station at Shanghai. There're a couple of dozen guys on motorbikes touting to carry people home, yet to a man they cringed away as I approached. One of them even mimed that I would probably crush his bike. They all seemed very relieved when I told them I'd walk :)
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Between suggestions here and some exploring of gumtree, it looks like there are quite a few LAMS compliant 250cc cruisers around. I think I agree with you Pod that a centre stand might not be practical with the extra weight.

    Time to book a learner's course! If you see a really fat guy on an L-plated cruiser around Sydney's northern beaches, it might be me!
  10. Ha, the old Welcome to China - nothings easy, but everything's possible. Strange then that they'd often say "i can take all 4 of you on my bike" when they wanted the money. I am still suffering some reverse culture shock back in Oz
  11. I believe most cruisers lack a centre stand, but some may be available as aftermarket. Side stands are perfectly safe. as long as you don't park the bike facing forward on a steep down hill. Also, it pays to always leave it in 1st gear, so it doesn't roll off the side stand, even on flat ground.

    Considering your weight and height, a 250cc cruiser may be undersized and underpowered, but you've got to make the best decision for your situation. You can always upsize later.
    Good luck, mate.