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Big Intersections = Big Bang

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. So I'm stopped at the line (first in queue) at the corner of SunnyHolt rd and Vardys, travelling north

    anyone who knows it, it's a massive plus sign of an intersection with 4 lanes each direction (x2 turning, x2 straight) with four entry/exits.

    anyway, all the lights are red, traffic is backed up everywhere, intersection is clear as, sun is almost up, when the stopped traffic opposite me gets the green to turn right (across my path)

    in the blink of an eye, this happens
    1. hatchback has indicator on (turning right) and starts to move forward
    2. commodore appears out of nowhere, at speed, driver looking down at his lap
    3. commodore T-Bones hatchback (massive impact noise), rolls to a stop (no brakes were applied at any stage during the accident), hatchback gets pushed a couple of lanes across in the opposite direction.
    4. everyone else sitting there like "what the **** was that"

    my lights go green, but me and the cager next to me aren't moving and no1 is honking us, everyone is just like their stunned, not in a hurry to move, as i slowly roll into the intersection checking out the situation, the driver of the commodore looks up and around to see what's going on, then goes back to looking at his lap.

    can't see the driver of the hatchback moving, but there are already a couple of people at his car and calling the ambo's / police

    so word of warning guys, please double check that everyone has stopped as you are moving off from stand still. some assholes are more concerned with playing Bejewelled on their iPhone then actually maintaining alert control of a 2 tonne killing machine.
  2. That must have felt surreal.
    Hope all ok with the hatchback driver although not much protection in a t bone crash.

  3. very surreal dude
  4. I've witnessed the same kind of thing Mav. You just don't know quite how some people manage it. I reckon lots of people don't ask themselves why laws are enforced.

    In my situation my dad was driving my car and, not being used to my car half stalls it on the hill start. A van runs the red and ends up hitting the car to our left.

    Dad still managed to sneak in the life lesson of "don't go unless clear, green does not mean go" LOL
  5. Hope you stuck around to give a statement to police - commodore driver would likely get done for neg driving.

    Though also, if I understand the situation correctly, did the hatch back turn across the path of the commodore, to make its right turn?

    Police officer on a bad day would nab him too for failing to give way.
  6. Yeah hatchback had the green light, commodore had a red, and had been red for about 10 seconds
  7. :D I would have liked to see it. Hilarious.
  8. the police are regular people just like us, so they've got the same percentage of arseholes in their ranks as we non-police do.

    also can't stress enough to check check and check again when setting off through intersections. right of way means nothing if you're dead.

    I do this in the cage too since I started riding.
  9. I was driving to see a customer yesterday, 4 lane highway, stopped at intersection. Right hand lane is a turning lane and had a green arrow. This arrow was on and then we had the green to go forward. I was in the middle lane at the front and moved off. A car just comes across from the right, across all 4 lanes of the opposite lane and into ours. Now, the green arrow lights meant his lights were red ALL the time and would not have gone green until our sequence had completed. It was the same, surreal. Like we all stopped the moment we saw him, he then reversed to where he came from and we all went about our business. But what if we'd all been quick off the mark, one of us would have been hit quite badly.
  10. I was gong to work yesterday morning around 4.30am and as myself and a few other cars approached a green light, a truck shot out of the side street (he would have been facing a red), across our paths and then into pulled a servo 250m down the road. Unless something had gone drastically wrong with the lights, he must have completely ignored the red and any cars travelling down Pittwater Rd presenting a nasty surprise to anyone who was ambling along the main drag.
  11. Days like that u need a GoPro on your bike
  12. yeah, what I wouldn't have given to have one the day that cement truck cleaned up the commodore...