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Big hello to all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wizzardofaus, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Just realised I have launched myself onto the forums without first doing the right thing and introducing myself :?
    My name is Jason (yes another one) and I joined last week after Jackarau told me about the site, and how good it is.
    I must say I do agree with him hence I am here now.

    I have been riding now for 3 years, almost off my "p"s, before that I cycled every where, I have no car liscense, never wanted wanted one and it took me untill my 30th birthday to get off my arse and get what I always wanted.

    My current ride is a 97 GS500e but my real love is my 1968 BSA starfire almost complete and rideable (hopefully this weekend, if I dont get too pissed that is)

    well thats enough about me for now, I am shure we will all get to know each other better as time, and the forums roll on.

    Jason L
  2. dont forget Coffee night
    the same place as always , down at southbank
    (Victoria for all the interstaters)
    all welcome
    slowly goes as you make your way up to where we park
    if you need directions ring 0412214612 (Groberts)
  3. Welcome aBoard Jason. Ride safe.
  4. Welcome Jase and good luck in here...... :shock:

    They're all crazy, I swear :p
  5. Welcome aboard Jason :)
    Hope you bring the BSA along to coffee one night. Would love to see it. :)
  6. Welcome Jason,
    Have to agree with Mizz ZZR(sorry about the misspealling the first time Karen. :D :D :D ) they are all nuts but nice to go with it.
    See you at coffee one night :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. G'day Jason, welcome aboard (no pun intended!)! My name is Nikki, I live in Canberra. My hubby's name is Jason too, he lurks in here sometimes but I don't think he's posted anything yet. I'm still a newbie here myself too.

    I'm in a similar boat to you - never wanted to learn to drive a car and I was 30 by the time I went for my bike L's last September.

    I'm now the proud owner of a 2003 Honda VTR250 which is currently in the shop awaiting $4600 worth of repairs after I threw it down the road a couple of weeks ago! :( Hubby rides a Ducati ST2, so at least he can still take me for a blat while mine's being fixed.

    I was surprised when you said you're fixing up a BSA, don't see many of them around here, except at the vintage shows (which we normally don't get to anyway! LOL). My dad used to ride BSA's and Nortons when he was in the British Army (many moons ago, before I was born!). Anyway, when it's done, I wouldn't mind seeing some pics if you can manage to post some somewhere, seeing as it's unlikely I'll be riding to melbourne for coffee any time soon!

    Anyway, again, welcome!

  8. Welcome to the forums Jason. Cya at coffee night one night :)
  9. Heya Jason. Welcome to netriders :twisted: :D

    So many new members this is great

    Lisa :twisted:
  10. Welcome to the forums Jason :D
  11. Welcome Jason

    You have reminded me that i have done the same thing, just joined and not yet introduced myself. Some of u may know me from the toyrun and things but for the others, my name is Amanda, i work as a nurse at St. Vincent's Private in the city and have been to one coffee night (unfortuetly i work most fridays until 9.30pm). I currently ride a Kwaka GPX250 and love it, although i am off my restrictions as of next saturday (the day after my 21st was wen i went for my p plates, and a great present to myself it was too) and hoping to upgrade to a ZX6 Ninja or something of the like. Hope to get to the coffee night next week for my b'day. C u all soon.
  12. Welcome Jason! I too am the proud owner of a GS500E (95). Excellent bike!
  13. Hello! I'm also new :) , but I don't have a bike yet :( , and I live in a different state so I can't get to these coffee nights you all speak about :shock: .
    Anyway, It's been something I've wanted to do for a while, and now I've got some finances it's gonna happen. Bloody uni fees are shite :x


  14. Hi robbieb welcome to the forums and good luck :D
  15. Hello to all the newbies here! Welcome aboard!

    Oh, and robbieb, I LOVE your av.....I'm a Transformer at heart, aren't I Minna? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  16. Yiasoo :)
  17. Yay... G'day to all the newby's... look forward to meeting some new people at coffee next week! :D I couldn't make it tonight, the bike is still in Not For Road Use mode :twisted:
  18. Welcome everyone!!

    Wish I could get to the coffee night :cry:

    Wonder if I could fit floaties to the Across??

  19. hi there, form another newbie.. :)

    due to certain circumstances (like about 1000kms)
    i also am unable to catch up with you ppls at a coffee night :cry:

    on the other hand, if you ever have a coffee night within
    the state of nsw i'll be the first there lol...
  20. thanks every one for the warm welcome, hopefully the bsa will be on the road soon and if you dont see it you WILL hear it.

    might make it to coffee next friday, I am working very close to south gate, we will see.