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big easy trails around Sydney?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by d7b, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. probably done to death but nothing found in search.

    I have a NSW rego'd bike and want to ride some trails before it gets too hot.

    can anybody recommend some easy trails around sydney? happy to drive 1-2 hours max.

    thanks for any info!


  2. I'm not sure about the trespassing legalities and it has been a couple of decades, but I spent a large part of my teen years living in Appin and there were lots of firetrails in the vast expanse of bushland stretching from Appin to the top of Bulli Pass. Maybe someone more up to date on the area can be more specific...
  3. is that menai 1 still going?
  4. Menai sounds good...well. closer.

    ill google earth the area now and see if i can see anything.

    thanks for the info thus far gents!
  5. Go to Wiseman's Ferry, take the other ferry across the River....turn left when you cross the River...take the trail up to the Finchley trig pt at Mt Yengo....keep heading West....eventually hit the Putty Rd...turn left....you should be about 120km North of Windsor.

  6. I'm not 100% here, but when I was trying to bypass the rangers at the gate for the Kurringai national park (I'm cheap, sue me) I was looking for fire trails around the back road (coal and candle rd near terry hills). Got the bike a fair bit up one but it got too bumpy and the GS500 doesn't like bumps. Maybe you could look on google maps around that area, I'm sure the one I was on went for quite a bit.
  7. terry hills / west head sounds like a great idea.

    I am cheap too, i feel ya brother! haha

    wisemans ferry would also be epic. I think ill hit up Menai and Terry Hills this weekend and see what I can find for my rookie ass!

    cheers gents. ill take some photos / videos
  8. Please do. I just had a look on google maps and the Waratah track in Akuna Bay looks pretty long, so maybe it would be more deserted (less walkers/mountain bikes).
  9. yep, bunch of trails round the area plus a big wide open space behind Lucas Heights School