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Big difference - draggin jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wigan Warrior, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. should ask Draggin Australia why such a disparity
  2. I've bought draggins from brisbane sellers on ebay for $100 less than what I can in stores, they were sent by express post so I got them the next day and will def buy more from them again.

    A few extra bucks to try on and have that day is worth it, but not $100 more. I'm aware of the threat of local stores closing blah blah blah but I'm just not prepared to pay that sort of premium. I will of course buy other products from local stores with the money I save from internet purchases.
  3. gouging the customers who are stupid enough to pay full price
  4. Aren't they two seperate companies?

    The Australian company started production using their name over here. There was some kind of fight over the Australian arm not paying royalties to the yanks and they've been seperate since. That's my understanding anyway?
  5. and they are all still made in chine for $2 a pice anyway?

    or not

    i'll stick to my safety shorts ;)
  6. The biggest issue I have with Draggins is their sizing is all up the shit... I swear you could buy 3 pairs of their jeans the same size and style and they all fit differently. Keep it in mind if you order a pair online

  7. having some expertise in this matter I believe I am qualified to comment

    Its not so much sizing here that is the issue

    a 36 inch waist opening will ( or should be if the quality is correct ) always be a 36 in opening when buttoned up

    however the fitment you are referring to has more to do with the "cut" of the jeans

    for example the difference could be in the "rise" of the jeans ( distance from centre of gusset in crotch to top of waistband)

    the room or cut for the seat area

    ever seen or had a pair of pants that when you sit down it looks like your pitching a tent ?

    this shows a very poor quality design -- the reason you pitch a tent is because the zipper length is too long for the rise of the pants

    when you sit and compress the area the zipper being a harder material than cotton denim etc doesnt compress - but it still needs to so it "bends" hence the tent pitching
  8. My experience with Draggin Aus, I bought a pair of black chino's they faded after 2 washes, sent them back. They dyed them again and I got them back 2 months (!) later, again 2 washes they started fading and also the legs shrunk in length by an inch. Sent them 2 emails and they didn't respond.
  9. Interesting is as much as I'd always heard that their customer service was exceptional. I haven't had cause to complain though and test it.

    I'd certainly agree that their 'sizing' is a total lottery - try 'em on.
  10. Dude where do we go to get your gear? I am keen to try some shit out.
  11. Stick to Hornee! Closer to correct sizing and way more comfortable
  12. Get motoleigons, if you have issues just scream and shout on the forums lol
  13. I dont got none at moment - working on model mark 3
  14. They're a completely different product made by a different company...
  15. well thats one for the books that I was unsure of

    Draggin USA

    Hal Baxter founded Fast Company in 1993 and shortly began marketing his new invention, Draggin' Jeans. The now famous image of Hal dragging behind a pick-up truck comes from his early R&D work with Draggin' Jeans. Unsatisfied with the sandbags he initially employed to test his new invention, Hal put his ass on the line, literally. Only a genuine body provides realistic weight distribution for testing seam strength and wear to pressure points.

    Logo is


    Draggin Australia

    Draggin Jeans boss Grant Mackintosh literally puts his arse on the line to prove the medal of his products.

    Draggin Jeans has been manufacturing high quality motorcycle clothing since 1997

    Logo is

  16. I would have loved to have a slice of the intellectual property broadsiding that would have occurred when the Australian company began ripping them off. Phhwwooaaah they do everything the same!
  17. Ditto with the unusual size/cut of the Draggin Jeans. Maybe the cut is designed for comfort when you're on the bike instead of looking in the mirror. I ended up with a pair of Hornee's...