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Big Day Out and Good Vibes tickets on sale tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by missmakeupgrrl, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. So tickets for Melbourne shows are on sale Midnight tonight - I hope you're all cashed up and ready for a good summer :D

    Good Vibration: Fatboy slim - need I say anything else?

    Big Day Out (who I care about) Prodigy, The Ting Tings, Cut Copy and Sneaky Sound System (although they're getting too poppy for my liking)

    This year I think im way more interested in Good Vibes far more than BDO. I wish the rumours of Lily Allen came true - perhaps she's too much of a train wreck to perform :D

    Side note: Does anyone find NR doesn't quite work properly when posting messages in Google Chrome? Dont worry Vic, its probably Chrome and not NR!!
  2. Shh, keep that quiet! Going to have a hard enough time getting tix as it is! :p
  3. got my gold coast tickets last night woo hoo, got them at 12:01am on BDO website, sold out by 12:10, if you miss it on the big day out website it is propably easier to get them on ticket master or whatever at 9am because i got some for a mate on ticket master this morning and it didnt seem to lag up as much.

    O yeah and dont forget Birds of Tokyo, Bullet for my valentine, breathe with me !!!!
  4. any clue how much tickets are? can't find it on the web
  5. saw them for $140 a piece on ticketmaster website, limited to 4 per customer and the fine print says they will attempt a revoke if you buy from BDO and ticketmaster to get around the 4 limit. Hmmmm scalpers need new tricks perhaps ??