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Big Day Out 07 - Who got thier Tix?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. I got mine this morning (3.30am!!) It's gonna be awesome!! I can't wait for it, an absolutely killer lineup. So who's else is going?

  2. wow the lineup is released already?? I hadn't even heard who any of the bands are!
  3. Tool
    The Killers
    The Violent Femmes
    Eskimo Joe
    The Herd
    Spank Rock
    My Chemical Romance

    With another announcement to come (Hopefully some punk bands (FRENZAL FTW!) and probably a lot of DJ/Electro acts for the Boiler room)
  4. well I'm shitty - just checked the date of the Adelaide show
    February 2nd.
    The 2nd of the month is when i calculate the tax for all the pokies in the state - I can't take it off work unless I'm dead.
    looks like I can't go this time.
  5. I'd go to this just to see Violent Femmes.
  6. okay...add to that Muse. They're growing on me. Fast.