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Big Brother

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Can any forum members provide me with a telephone number that will enable me to evict ALL the BB housemates??

  2. Try turning the TV to a different chanel.
    Works a treat!
  3. If you seriously dont want to see the BB housemates then I have an option that costs less than a phone call.

    Don't watch!

    Maybe you intended your post to go up on the BB forums - bit more relevant there really.

    :roll: :p 8)
  4. I DON'T watch the show, but I do watch Channel 10 and I'm totally sick of the constant advertising of BB. If we could evict them all, the show would be over.
    I am exercising my democratic right to be cheesed off, and also trying to inject a note of humour into the forum.
    Next time I'll hold up a sign that says "JOKE"
  5. Here's an idea....
    Send the housemates a letter with white powder in it. :LOL:
  6. ALL suggestions gratefully received.
  7. :LOL: Yeah, tell them it's a BB challenge and that they all have to sniff it up. Now that would make it worth watching!
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  9. Moike, what a brilliant article, thanks for pointing it out. It somewhat restores my faith. I was thinking that maybe I was the only one who thought that BB was swill.
  10. SWILL??? WTF you mean you ar actually raising BB to that level???? shesh what is the world coming to????
  11. Well, SORRREEEY!!
    Yes, I was being too complimentary, wasn't I?
  12. dito

    i wonder how much al-qaeda would charge to bomb the house? they may as well do 10 while they are at it...
  13. Does this mean I have to carry one as well?

    Seriously dude, you own a bike. Why do you even have a telly?
  14. ... but then there wouldn't be any delayed Motorsport coverage :shock:

    People who watch this garbage have nothing else going for them in their own mediocre lives so they have to watch other people live their mediocre lives.

    Why can't we all just be happy with our mediocre lives? :D
  15. Mmm, looks like I've got a monkey on my back....(joke)

    I have a telly and a bike, but I try to stay home ocassionally so that the Minister for War and Finance will allow me my occasional outrageous expenditures.

    (Plus I do rather like her company too!!!)
  16. When i first bought a house and moved out of home when i was 18, I had two mates come live with me so they paid my loan off... Anyway long story short BB got me so shitted off, with my g/f and 2 mates g/fs wanting to watch it the whole time we came up with a rule that anyone cuaght watching BB or suggesting that it gets switched on in the household would be kicked out. permantley. I loved that rule...

    I'm very proud of the fact that my life is so ultra cool i've never had to watch a singe show of reality TV.

  17. So, thank the morons who gave us "reality TV" for freeing up so much of the evening for more interesting ..er... 'domestic activities'.

    Take her to a movie
    Catch a live band,
    See a show in a small theatre somewhere (try http://www.thestoreroom.com.au/ )

    What the heck, play 'hide and seek'
  18. Big Brother should be taken off and the Super Bikes put is its place.
  19. That's the spirit

    :D :D :D