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Big Brother UK makes Australia look like Sesame St

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. HAHAHA that's golden. A girl who i used to go to school with is now a p0rn star. I have mates who have witnessed a similar situation with her while at a party. Only it involved a VB Long neck.
  2. Looks like someone's daddy didn't give her enough love and attention when she was little.... Sad, really.
  3. I mean, really, who cares????

    "reality TV" pfffft
  4. Priceless, be good advert for the wine company.
  5. That's not the sort of love and attention that daddys are supposed to give, please explain?
  6. Seems like an outgoing sort of girl ;)

    Pretty obvious why she was picked and no doubt it would have been a BIG ratings boost.

    Makes you wonder why they don't just turn it into a pure 'reality p0rn' show and be done with it.
  7. What a classic. This chick's definitely not shy.
  8. :LOL: That's not what I meant and you know it!

    Quite often you see younger women calling out for attention/love by being overtly sexual. This can often be traced back to the woman being from a single-mum family, or from her father not being around much (poor-little-rich-princess syndrome), particularly when she was a teenager. It's psychology 101.

    I'm not saying this is always the case - I try not to generalise. There is a pattern of behaviour, however.
  9. My god, I wonder if that will make question time in Parliament in the UK.....

  10. time to see what all the fuss is all about....sheraza is my friend
  11. What, flashfire's last post ??? :?
  12. on the topic of p0rn stars. They actually get paid jack for the work.

    The wife-to-be used to do professional modelling in her spare time, so still gets the occasional request for work. 90% of them are p0rn related, the other 9% nude stuff. (none of which she does, (or to be precise I know about) )

    Anyhow, she got the following letter the other day, which made me laugh. BTW I haven't changed the e-mail addy, so contact them if you want some dodgy work.

  13. What i think it is, is the typical smaller than fat but bigger than cuddily chick hwo just wants attention, probly because of previous mentioned reasons
  14. thats crazy but its good that women like to play wif bottles,however they never pick up cans wen im finished with them
  15. Yeah, but you're still going through puberty, so what you think doesn't amount to much.
  16. Big Brother; mush for the masses!
  17. Yea I stumbled upon this on stileproject. I mean who really cares if some attention starved chick shoved a bottle up her twat? If you want this kind of stuff why dont people just drop the pretence and just watch p0rn... for gods sake

  18. We used to laugh at the Japanese and their game shows.
  19. What... you don't enjoy Takeshis castle?!?!
    *gasp* *shock* *horror*

    Speaking of Japanese game shows I remember watching as they poured insects all over a contestant once... and thinking 'They'd never ever do that on Australian Television'... only to see it happen on Big Brother *sigh*

    This is no longer Lowest common denominator television.... it's who can out gross who television for the mainstream bogan :)