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Big Brother speed control to be trialled

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=78950

    Anyone else seen this article? Not sure about anyone else but this is all starting to get a bit scary.....letting someone else decide from a distance what is a safe speed for your current situation :shock:
  2. Posted an article about this in the UK some months back.
    We are being taken for chumps.

  3. Its not a 'safe' speed, its the speed limit they are wanting to limit the driver to, of course that wont affect any of us ;)

    I'd thought up a similar system a while ago, before they came up with GPS, and even then I was thinking how i could circumvent the device ;)
  4. It'll never happen.
    Actually it might say for fleet cars as they state in the article... if a company can fit these things and keep their premiums lower.... etc,etc.

    But in the general publics personal vehicle... no way.

    Imagine what would happen to the sales of pretty much every car dealer??? Would you buy a porsche or bmw or even a vectra or ss commodore or wrx?? when you lost power at say 110kph??

    no way.

    i'd rather lose power in a $13k hyundai thanks very much
  5. My current GPS recognises a school zone as 40km/hr no matter what time of day, or whether it's a school day or not.

    I hope the GPS in this thing would be more sophisticated or methinks it'll just cause problems and frustration.

    + it will do sweet f*&%-all for road safety.
  6. It will make it considerable worse. Imagine having your speed cut in the middle of a maneuver.

    note the phased in approach. It will start as the verbal warning system, but before long we will be compulsorily speed limited.
  7. The system was trialled not long ago in Britain, but exclusively for motorcycles. It was found to be extremely unpredictable and potentially lethal.
    So far, it has been sent back to the drawing board for improvements.

    There is another variation on the cards apparently that, instead of limiting speeds, automatically issues you an infringement! :shock:
  8. That sounds like something from the movie "demolition man" actually come to think of it out society is turning into that movies society :shock: :LOL:
  9. And they're doing this for safety?? Want to do that to a bike mid corner? :rofl:

    I think its only a matter of time before some sort of gps monitored speed control systems come into play, and are necessary for registration. Probably won't be implemented properly for 15+ years, but when it does...

    I'm fleeing to mexico.
  10. are you really surprised this is eventually what its going to be used for? i bet the victorian gumbyment are the first to want to try it too.
  11. So they reckon it can cut accidents by 60%, well that seems like bullshit to me.

    I assume this comes from the fact that 60% of accidents occour when people are exceeding the speed limit? Well let's assume this is the case for this argument. The question to ask is "Would any of these accidents still have occoured if the car was going at 100% of the limit?" Well the answer would be NO.

    Bloody nanny state, so will it only be on new cars? If so, the auto manufacturers will probably try and get it delayed as we would see used cars hold value as people held on to them. Don't underestimate this lobby.
  12. I think there is a broader agenda with this kind of technology.

    They are already softening up the community by promoting the use of vehicle mounted GPS system. So the leap towards active tracking of your movements is made easier.
  13. Be careful what you write mate, they are watching :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Where is TnDUSA when you need him, he will keep the nasty Illuminati at bay :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I have to say (and I can't believe I'm saying this :p ), I think you're right!

    What bothers me most about this story is how the media is fed a quote by "an unnamed Victorian government website", that claims this bizarre figure of 60% reduction in fatalities (BEFORE trialling begins!). There is an implicit suggestion that this claim is valid simply because it comes from the government, but the source can't be questioned because it's kept secret!!!
    That figure is IMHO not believable at any level. Yet just watch it become a mantra as the whole misinformation campaign gets under way.
  15. For fcuk's sake.

  16. I notice good ole WA has its hand up to try it -- biggest police state in Australia. :mad:

    Our state government is also looking at a system that comprises two mobile cameras (like present Multanovas). They are hidden beside a highway a precise distance apart. As a car goes past the first one, it takes a photo, which is transmitted digitally to the computer running the second camera. When the car goes past the second camera, it is photographed again. Using the same technology as present face-scanning software, the vehicle is identified -- and the time taken to go from Camera 1 to Camera 2 is recorded. From this the vehicle's speed is calculated and compared against the (known) speed limit. Get your photo taken at Camera B before you should be there, and the details are sent by the mobile phone network to police HQ (or wherever). The computer there locates your address, calculates the fine, and spits the bluey out folded and in an envelope before you even get to your destination.
  17. I tell you, as much as I love my country, it's getting to the point where I'm seriously considering moving somewhere else if all this crap continues! FFS, we're becoming like the novel 1984 - Big Brother is Watching!
  18. We've had point to point cameras operating in Vic for some time now:(

    back to the OP, doesnt surprise me one bit that this technology is being trialled, Vic and myself, along with numerous other NR's attended a focus group last year that was aimed at this very subject, it was only a matter of time before it became a reality.