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N/A | National Big brother is thinking of fvcking with your throttle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the_blacke, May 21, 2011.

  1. geez because that's so much more cost effective than actually teaching people to drive correctly...

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the inquest into the first road death attributed to such a speed limiting device limiting the options for a driver to accelerate out of trouble.

    Slowing things down is not the only way to save lives.......FFS
  2. Maybe they'll fit such stupid devices to repeat offenders but I doubt they'll every make it compulsary to all vehicles.
    Why? There would be no more money to be made if cars couldn't physically speed any more..
    I believe in the next 50 or so years, all cars will be fitted with gps units that instantly report to authorities where you go over the limits regardless of where you are and then you'll be deducted the fines instantly from an nominated account...
    Heck I believe they're already looking at scrapping demerit points for speeding under 10kph.
    They'll promote it as being nice to drivers but the real reason is over 80% of speeding fines are for less than 10kph so less people will lose their licenses and stay out there getting pinned and adding to the coffers...
  3. and yet another good reason to own a goat, as so many threads turn out here.
    simply attach the satellite tracking device to a collar around your goats neck.
  4. But then what happens when you want to ride your goat?

  5. The national road safety strategy has been released.

    Wonder whether any of the criticisms I helped pen made it into the document??

    The OP article is about punitive measures... and the false presumption that the road toll is propped up by hooning - it simply isn't. But this is a classic case of politics of the margins that lulls people into thinking it's a good idea. It WILL be rolled out to all cars.

    In the EU, it's already being trialled for ALL MOTORCYCLES. Spend some time on www.righttoride.eu
  6. you're forced to ride it below the speed limit :(
  7. Dont forget to show them your penis as well
  8. They start bringing that out for all vehicles and I'll be showing them my penis, believe me.
  9. GPS data of Australia is sooooo inaccurate that this would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic, sad, frustrating and infuriating.

    Then there is no reliable or complete speed limit data for roads held anywhere in Australia at the moment. There is some data, for some areas, but no complete map. Hell, there are heaps of roads in Melbourne where you don't know what the speed limit even is until you have driven for kilometres, or entered at the beginning of the road. If the signage is as bad as it is, how are they ever going to get a database to be accurate?

    Stupid, stupid people. We need to work out how to get more five percenters running this country, rather than the idiots who seem to gravitate to the task.
  10. Yeah I think the GPS theory is true. And all of a sudden, scrambler's become real good money makers.
  11. As soon as they realise they're losing money because of scramblers, we'll see a mighty campaign about how evil they are, and the ambulances won't be able to find the dying, and the planes are crashing from the sky, and our friends the Americans are about to nuke us for fucking with their secret military navigation system, and won't somebody please think of the children?

    Next, there'll be emergency legislation, allowing a $5k fine for a first offence, and empowering officers to completely dismantle your vehicle by the side of the road by whatever means they choose, at your expense, or impound it indefinitely while they investigate the threat that it represents.

    And how hard will it be to detect that you're using it? Well gosh! It transmits on the same freq as GPS and loud enough to jam / interfere with their signal. That must be tough to find! Given that they can pick up the harmonics of a heterodyne circuit used in a radar detector, how hard would a GPS jammer be to spot?

    A more sensible solution would be a track vehicle or old vehicle that doesn't have the system fitted, and don't stop. Jammers and scramblers are a really dumb way to deal with the problem.

  12. That's why, no matter what happens, we are just sheep and we will be forced to behave the way they want us to.
  13. What I'm saying, is there are smarter ways to combat this.
  14. Just today we went to a fruit and vegie place on High st to do a bit of shopping. Got back to the car and started to unload when we noticed the car next to us was half way into the orchard and the front end was sitting on top of a largish olive tree, but to get to it they first had to drive over an embankment.
    They were giving it the berries in reverse but it wasn't moving. I went and had a look and there was a star picket jammed up behind the auto plus the sump was sitting on top of the trunk. I removed the picket and hooked my winch up and pulled them out.
    I spose the point of this story is you can't police panic but also the stupidity of the 6 or 7 people milling around and trying to push the car out with the star picket doing all it's best to stop the car was a bit boggling.
    These are probably the same people who think all these measures that will supposedly reduce deaths on our roads think they're a good idea!
    Perhaps we should keep an account of stupid behavior and show that to the voters.
  15. If it's got any self-respect it'll exceed the speed limit.
  16. I'll put money on Australia being the first, and possibly the only, country to adopt this technology. We have become a nation of cowards.
    Have to say that I am seriously considering whether, when the kids are off our hands, it wouldn't be better to see out my days in another part of the world. Don't mind dying but I don't want to die in chains.
  17. Titus,
    Hearing you mate, loud and clear.
  18. To fight this kind of stuff, and lose, and graciously leave the field to the victors, is not the desired outcome, and would be less than palatable, but to simply walk off the field as soon as the opening whistle is blown, ...

    One of the American founding fathers, Ben Franklin I think, said something like "Those who are not prepared to fight for their liberty don't deserve to have it."