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Big Brother is listening to your pipe...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Taken from Motorcycle News - http://snipurl.com/o1wt

  2. That's not good... we don't need more revenue raisers.

    Loud bikes keep people alive, they're more likely to hear a loud bike than see one.
  3. one thing is fur sure this government of revenue raisers will bring them in if they think there is money to be made. I am not 100% on this but I wasnt aware that they had a camera accurate enough to take a photo of a vehicle that was moving away from it so hopefully if Im rite(usally not) they might hear you but they still cant see you and how accurate are they really? as accurate as the ones they had on the westgate all I know is if they bring them in I hope the first few fight it so we can find out exactly how accurate or not they really are :?:
  4. This would be something that will upset a lot of motorcyclists, so it's a fair guess Bracksy is already looking at them. :wink:

    I wonder how he's going to explain these as being for our safety. Will we see new studies outlining the dangers of industrial deafness on the road? :? :LOL:
  5. Great. I bet trucks will be start being afraid to use compression braking, that's got to be good for safety.

    Honestly, it's a crock. The police airwing occasionally wakes me up at night, but you don't see me sending infringment notices to the cops.
  6. Great, so when does the TAC "wipe off 5 decibels" campaign start so they can justify them :roll:.
  7. I know my pipes are illegal. They are at 104 decibels for the _stationary_ test.

    I'm sure it annoys a lot of people, especially those in my apartment building.

    I can't complain if I get busted for it. I can't complain if the government brings in a way to track it.

    I'd still prefer if they bring in anti-tailgating cameras though.
  8. It has been rumoured that the red light speed camera at the intersection of Webster and Lonsdale Streets(city bound) in Dandenong, already has the technology fitted and undergoing testing.
    The rumour came from one of the local papers months ago.
    What may also add credence is the constant work being done on this camera setup over recent months. Not a week gone by without techs playing with it some time during the week.
  9. zachery what i'm thinking... i wonder what direction they're gunna go in to claim its for our own safety??

    serious looking police type guy on graphic new ad:
    "loud pipes distract drivers...
    joe sensible was driving along at the speed limit behind joe revlimiter when an unsuspecting pedestrian ran out in front of him. because of the noise, joe sensible couldn't see the pedestrian and ran her over.
    wind it back, if joe revlimiter had an effective muffler on his bike, joe sensible would have been able to see unsuspecting pedestrian and we never would have been called"

    you know, its really not all the hard to beleive that some bullshit similar to this could be thought up to justify it..... would be funny, but sad at the same time :?
  10. Yeah...so there are some louder pipes, most sound pretty good anyway.

    I'd prefer to make some noise so other road users know you are there as most wouldn't have a clue.

    Wonder if they are also thinking of fining 'doof doof' cars too!!
  11. oh this is a load of crap...
    when will the government just leave the public alone.. i mean its hard enough with speed cameras and fixed speed cameras... and cameras that not detect u speeding up to pass the red light but also screw u twice as hard...
    when will the government do something more productive with all the money they make??
  12. After a committee reported the progressive spend total for the Commonwealth Games as being way over budget the govt is looking to extract $$$ from any other source possible.
    I did hear a rumour that the duck wouldn't negotiate any less for it's appearance fee, nor would it lay the golden egg!
  13. hahaha
    go the duck... never knew what it what it really symbolises??
    does anyone know?? what the duck ment??
    or was there meaning to it..
  14. There are hardly any fixed cameras for anything outside major cities in the USA.
    Because people drive around at night and shoot them out.
    A 5 cent bullet compared to a thousand dollar repair job soon put paid to that idea.
    Every time one was fixed someone would just shoot it out again.
    It's an interesting idea I must admit.
    In the UK kids shoot them with paintball guns.
    I cannot imagine why we don't do this sort of thing here?
    I think the average Aussie is just too apathetic where this kind of stuff is concerned.
    There's no cameras around the area where I live so for Shire riders it's not really a problem.
    Pop up rear number plates (for cleaning purposes you understand) are looking better all the time.
    The joke is going to be that if these noise cameras do start to be used, riders will just find routes around back streets that bypass them, leading to people in quiet streets to complain about loud bikes going past their homes on a regular basis.
    You just can't win.
    American Bikers are fighting the EPA about loud pipes tooth and nail right now.
    But they are well organised and have a couple of senators on their side.
    One of the arguments is that a bike passes by in a few seconds, whereas a leafblower may well be howling it's little heart out next to your house for ages.
    So which actually causes more noise pollution and for what period of time in one area?
    Bikers here make an easy target.
    We need a major political party on our side and I just don't see that happening, despite the fact bikes will be the only things able to move on our cities over-congested roads in the next twenty years.
  15. My understanding of the law is that they can only issue an infringement if the can is not factory fitted and louder. Harleys come out of the box loud so therefore they would have to identify each bike and compare against factory fitted sound levels. Never happen.

    Just another knee jerk reaction to some polly's personal gripe.

    Sad thing is they will probably spend millions of taxpayers money on testing before they decide it's a crock.
  16. That's what the killswitch is there for. I love Victoria and Victorians, but the Victorian government has pioneered practically every traffic oppression measure of the last 20 years.

    Loud pipes DO save lives: I had a screamer on my ZX9R, but my work meant I often came home late to my block of flats so I put the quiet, original muffler on it for the neighbour's sake. Suddenly, everyone was changing lanes into me...
  17. but the only bad thing that not many people have paint ball guns let alone guns in general
    though i do like the idea..
    but im sure then the goverment would then just jack up the bill on speeding fine and other things to cover it..
    government will aways find a way to screw u over.. :evil:
  18. I'm getting absolutely sick and tired of the many thousands of members of the public who keep telling me that they love the sound of my Harley. These are the people, all non riders who I meet in my role as a Harley Rides Tour operator (this group is far bigger than many realise).

    When I tell them that that sound is worth a $500 on the spot fine, they recoil in horror.

    What really pisses me off is the fact they are going to fine me for riding a motorcycle that makes a sound that everyone loves.

    Also, that sound keeps saving my life.....

    Many of you don't have a great opinion when it comes to the good old Hardley Davidson - make us quiet and you all suffer..... :cry: :cry:
  19. Er, actually Harley's come out of the factory fitted with standard quiet 95dB pipes. Aftermarket pipes is what returns their personality.

    Every time I get an EPA notice I simply fit the original quiet pipes (the rotary ones :LOL: ), pass the test, get back home and put the loud pipes back on. A total no win situation.... :(
  20. Looks like the old GPz might be in some more trouble yet. :(