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Big Brother, Big Sister

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TAZMAN, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I am posting this to see if there is anybody out there interested in the Big brother, Big Sister Program which matches adults up with underprivileged children between the ages of 7-25


    This is the website for any of you guys or gals that are interested
    They have just started a program in the city of casey and are getting desperate for volunteers. They train and assit you the whole time and its only 2-6 hours a week or fortnight for 6-12 months

    Cmon people this is a good cause and their not all crims most just come from single parent families and just need a male or female role model to help them out with minor life issues. You just take them out for activities ie: beach, bowling or just take them for a ride on your bike

    Its easy its fun and you are helping out young kids at the same time

    Please feel free to pm or email me if you require any more info
  2. Cmon people there must be someone out there with a few spare hours for a good cause
  3. I would go for it but unfortunatly Id be classed as a child.
  4. I'd like a big sister, please. With big boobies.
  5. Well if a one of those underprivileged big bobbied girl asks
    "I'd like a big boobied big brother" i'm sure they'll call you Loz. :wink:
  6. AAHH crap you beet me to it :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Mate I would, being an Ex Cranny boy :wink: but Full time work coupled with full time study.... i'm struggling.... May be able to help out on like "a day" here and there? I also gotta mate who might be interested... i'll ask him for ya. :wink:
  8. No worries mate any help is appreciated
  9. Hahaha fair cop. I does got the jubblies. It's a bit disturbing when you look at yourself in the mirror and do the "bawwaoooow" noise. :LOL:
  10. I did full time work and study through year 11 and 12 and this year too, i still voulentered for stuff then ya wuss :LOL:

    Well I am not too young after all, so am going to the infomation session on thursday, anyone going to join me?
  11. :rofl: your killing me!!

    If this sort of thing was up in Wollongong i'd be in for it. However, being geographically seperated from you by about 1100km makes it alittle difficult
  12. I thought it was australia wide?
  13. It is just check out the website as I think there is a link to the NSW site :wink:
  14. reminds me off . . . .

    Woman: Mr Simpson what is your reason for joining the Big Brother program.?
    Homer: (voice in head) don't say revenge, don't say revenge . . .
    Homer: Revenge !
    Homer: (voice in head) . . . . thats it i'm outta here . .
  15. It is in NSW as well.


    I went to a session a while ago, but couldn't commit to the 12 months period, as I am leaving the country.
  16. But the funniest bit is then the woman looks down at her clipboard and scans down the list and ticks the box next to Revenge.
  17. I have just read all the application requirements, are we adopting or just mentoring? It certainly asks a lot of you.
  18. its mentoring :)
  19. When's this information session?? We have a mentoring program at work, I have a Whitelion kid that is at my work and I'm his mentor... very worthwhile program!!

    Let me know Es, if I can make it down I'll be there!! :cool:
  20. Just thought i would mention that im going to attend the next avalible information session for bb-bs (6:30PM Tuesday, 16 January, 2007. the one for the 20th of this month is full)
    if anyone else would like to register http://www.bbbs.org.au/bbbs/home.sok?ID=