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Big Bore 50cc kit ( 70cc )

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    Has anyone fitted the 70cc kit to their 50cc scooters?

    Does it make alot of difference?

    How much did you pay?

    I am coming up to my first service so i am thinking about it :D
  2. yeah my first service is only 100km away... theres a few members done it on scooter addict i think. i asked a few questions about it.

    the vmoto milan doesnt like the 70cc upgrade bends crank shafts or somthing.. unsure of the monza engine.

    the bolwells take it pretty welll from reports. ask anthony at city scoots!
  3. how many kms have u done now?

    i thought u would have had alot more than 1000kms!

    its spose to give more power down low and a higher top speed ;)

    70kmh here i come!!! :D
  4. mine has about 3900km on it now.. ive done nearly 1000 of them.

    keep in mind i only have 3km to work and 3km home that i traverse each day.. then its just general use round the place.. and i live only 5km from city centre so i dont clock up that many km on her.
  5. does the big bore *ahem 70cc big bore :roll: * make it wheelieable? if so do it. i dig scooter wheelies :grin: :LOL:
  6. on the single seaters they are pretty much wheelie monsters... my problem is the longer wheel base of the two seater.. mine will never be a wheelie beast :(

    70cc kit and exhauts plus trans weights can bring them up to top speeds of 115km an hr or so... not bad for a 50cc ;)

    that info's just from speaking to others and other web sites. some 50's are already capable of doing 80-100km as they are..
  7. holy crapola batman! i heard a gilera runner or something could do 180km/h?
  8. the shop who I deal with has a sign on the counter advertising the 70cc big bore kit, zorst and air cleaner mod/replacement for $700 bucks all up.

    He does not recommend the upgrade on the wee little jolie as it is one of the lightest 50cc's on the market already and would make the chassis "unstable" and difficult to control. Reality is that you just have to exercise some throttle control when riding instead of flat out everywhere.

    I have spoken to a couple who has a two seat bowell, the 303rs? which has the 70cc kit and it cruises at 70kmh easily with two up.

    btw, your jolie should be doing 70kmh already. You ride it with the brakes on or something? :?
  9. i came in here expecting to be reading about pocketbikes :shock:

    *backs away slowly*

    :p :p :p
  10. yeah but that'd be a 180/200cc Gilera Runner. they are wicked and widely regarded as the best sports scooters. and in italy there are heaps of them round and almost any mod you can think of has been done to them over there. they race them in fully organised track day comps as well.

    as for the 70cc kit, i couldnt justify $700+ for a 70cc kit and an exhaust on something thats prob only worth $3,000 so i just upgraded scoots.
  11. just out of interest Audible, which scooter shop do you use?
  12. same here, went from the 50cc scooter to the 250cc zzr.. just need a 600 now and i'll be content :wink:

    from the research i did i found the compromise in reliability was not worth the risk in tuning, and the gain would be pretty average anyway (hence zzr option)
  13. Yeah go ahead and do it be a speed demon :LOL: :LOL: :p
  14. just get the exhaust done and trans weights first retune the carbi ( maybe re jet it also), see how it goes.. that was the suggestion i got.. all up bout 300-350 for a 10-15km top end increase and a good acceleration increase aswell.
  15. Mount hawthorn scootamoto. I think there is another scooter meet somewhere in the middle of march which I hope to be going to, just look for a fat old fart on a red jolie!
  16. bb kits rock!

    while this is not a scooter... but i put an 88cc on my crf50, new cylinder and barrel, with a race head, derestricted muffler, heavy duty clutch, high flow oil pump, +1/-3 gearing and it hauls arrrse now. did all the work myself. i guess scooters wouldn't be too hard to do.
  17. Could you do us a favour Audible?
    I would love to come along to these scooter meets in Perth but i never seem to hear about them. So could you pop a note up here in Netrider when you find out the dates of future meets?
    hope to catch you there.
  18. I can my sad little story here.. I bought a 70 kit for my scarabeo.. it was 650 bucks from the states.. quite expensive because it had a new ecu for the fuel injection..

    anyway.. bit too keen to get it running.. fit the kit.. to cut the story short, I broke the barrel :-( put the 50cc barrel back on and only fitted the computer..

    just having the new computer was enough to keep me happy.. all of a sudden the thing went (relatively) cruising at 70km/h was easy.. 80 on a good day.. man was I spewing.

    I thought it was pretty quick after that.. now I only ride it on the odd occasion and man is it slow compared to my trumpy
  19. Want to go faster? Buy a real bike...
  20. want to be a wanker?? go else where...

    honest questiosn shouldnt get bullshit replies. take your nonsence elsewhere.

    sounds like even the computer to remap does a good job.. mines a carbi fed read valve two stroke.

    getting it serviced next week.. will be interested to see how a basic service changes its feel