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Big boobs

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by ricardo68, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I wonder how this topic will go ...

    My significant other is small but rather top-heavy and I'm trying to get her a birthday present of a nice leather jacket as a surprise. Trouble is, I'm not sure if the "sisters" will fit properly even in a female specific jacket (she's always moaning about clothes not fitting).

    Should I get a slightly larger jacket and get it tapered or will I just have to give up the idea of a surprise and cart her around for fitting? Or am I worrying too much?!

    No pics will be supplied !!! :)
  2. How far away is her birthday? Have you considered talking to someone like Mars Leathers - they will build to order.
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  3. Take a plaster cast of her chest and cart it around for fitting :)
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  4. I picture of her.... 'sisters' might help with responses? :p
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  5. ricardo there is only one person you want to speak too in sydney about this, that is irena from @ozmotorcycleleathers. She will make all your dreams come true with regards to a jacket for your missus. As for fitting either maybe somehow find an excuse to measure her that isnt suspicious (difficult), guess (not a good idea if you want a good fit), or just give her a gift card style thing saying 1 custom jacket of your style and design then take her for measurement after her birthday. Yeah a diy gift card is not as fun to open as a jacket but im sure if you are old enough to ride a bike your old enough not to care about unwrapping things.
  6. Actually I might nick one of her bras for sizing ... sneaky !!
  7. Ixon jackets fit the hourglass figure like a glove.
    However shirt size and bra size would help to figure out just how much of a ratio there is.
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  8. Hello OP, we will need a photo to help match up for appropriate jackets.

    Thanks mate
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  9. :worthlesspics:
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  10. I have the same issue- with my boobs obviously..

    Aaaanywho, I suggest just taking her in to pick a few styles/sizes, and maybe buying her one? That way you get an exact fit, but it does ruin the surprise... But there is nothing worse than loving the look of something and your boobs not being able to squish in properly!

    Or pick another surprise and get her one anyway :p
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  11. +1
  12. This is posted in the wrong section, please move to the huge bewbs sub-thread.

    I'm really hoping there's a huge bewbs sub-thread here.
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  13. It's only for mod viewing
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  14. Ok, this is not her (she'd kill me) but she's sorta similar ... smaller body and maybe bigger chest (and a fair bit older) ...

  15. +! for custom fit.
  16. Thank you I will check them out!
  17. I've played this game before. It's not a good idea.
    These are the possible scenarios;
    - it doesn't fit, she's unhappy, you loose
    - it doesn't fit, she fakes appreciation and it never gets used, you loose
    - it does fit, miracle, but she'd prefer a different colour, brand etc.

    Surprises don't work for something this specific and personal. Take her shopping for one or give her something else me thinks.
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  18. Thanks Angie, I was wondering if my concerns were valid !

    So true, I know I'm always in trouble with something...
  19. Definitely valid. Especially if she's complaining about it :)

    This as well.
  20. Thank you....
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