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Big bloke on two wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scott76, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Hello to you all,

    After many years of threatening to get my riders license I finally took the leap back in December. I am bigger than the average bear and was concerned that I would not be able to get decent protective gear to fit or a learners approved bike to fit me. I stand almost 6'7" and weigh a bit more than I should (read fat bastard). However I was so happy to find companies like RHOK jeans who where willing to make me a pair of custom Kevlar jeans and SDG Moto who made me an awesome custom leather riders jacket. I than went on the quest to find a bike ...... I went to a number of bike shops with salesmen trying to pitch this bike and that bike not really considering the bloke who has to ride their offerings! Than I walked into western motorcycles at Penrith and a young bloke named Mitch asked if he could help. He than proceeded to show me a suzuki V-Strom abs. But he was willing to call a spade a spade and said that I would need to upgrade the shock spring front and rear. I really appreciated the no BS approach and the lengths that this company went to to fit the bike to me. I had all the upgrades I wanted with all the optional extras at a very reasonable price. Since this time I have clocked up nearly 1500 km's and have enjoyed every single meter of it. The bike is awesome to ride and is very confidence inspiring.
    So, I hope to meet some of you at the net rider MOST training at homebush and I am sure I will nod to many of you on the open road.

    Stay safe!!

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  2. Welcome fella
  3. Hey, scott76scott76

    Welcome to NR. It's great you found a first bike that fits along with a good bike shop experience.

    I'm 6'6", but only 85kg and the Wee-Strom was also my choice, after owning 2 smaller bikes in almost 2 years on 2 wheels.
  4. Howdy scott76scott76, welcome to NR and a life on two wheels. Congrats on taking the plunge and on a great choice of a bike. Enjoy and put some pics of your ride when you can.
  5. Welcome mate, glad you found a good shop to help you with your first bike. I also got my license in December. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  6. welcome aboard :) congrats on the bike
  7. Welcome.

    It's good to hear of a bike shop and sales person who actually can be helpful.
  8. welcome to Netrider and life on two wheels Scott!
  9. Welcome, good story, the V-strom is a great bike and sounds like you got all the right gear!
  10. Welcome :D

    I love my VStrom, though I'm not as muscular as you, they great bikes. Just clocked 12000km on mine :D
  11. Welcome to NR

  12. Welcome to NR mate, looking forward this Sundays ride with you, certainly cloaking up some km's on your V-Strom now :cool:
    If anyone what's to join, we heading out from Mc Donald's Narellan about 7.30 am ( Bells line / Richmond / Katoomba ).
  13. Welcome scott76scott76 , try and stop smiling now you're on two wheels, bet ya can't ;)
  14. welcome and happy days :)