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Big bike, little bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 17SJS, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. So, this is something that I've noticed happening a little bit lately. I couldn't decide if this belonged in the New Rider section or here, but I figure it could apply equally to old (or should I say experienced? :p ) riders too.

    Does anyone else have days where the bike feels 'smaller' under them? Not necessarily in a bad way mind you, just more nimble, more flickable. Is it equal and opposite on other days - the bike seems bigger, slower to turn?

    I'll take a cue from raven and reserve further explanation until i see if anyone else has the same experience, or if you all think i'm a complete nutjob. :p

  2. Good days V bad days is all, get used to it. Enjoy the good days!
  3. thems the days you check the tyre pressures :LOL:
  4. Ahh the 'good' days are when you become one with the bike, everything just flows, no mistakes, no thinking about setting up for corners or braking. Your in the groove and in bikers paradise.

    The 'bad' days can easily be filed as a day you went for a ride but due to other issues ... stress / work / GF-BF etc, the mind and body just couldn't make that connection to the bike, and even if you enjoyed the ride, subconsciously your mind was elsewhere.

    geeze I can talk shit sometimes :LOL:
  5. VTRbob - I don't think it's possible for a Firestorm to ever feel small LOL :wink: It certainly felt like a fat bastard this morning when i had to split for about 10km!
  6. My bike felt big, In power. No im use to it :grin: But i still have days when it feels quick again when i get awesome rapid fast shifts. :grin:
  7. Yeah, some days I want to gun it, some days just relax and cruise along the world and road are a beautiful place to be and others when I think my body and head are not connected thats when I head home.

    But you may still be a nutjob. :grin:
  8. Usually you will know when you are not properly "connected" to your bike and on those days you ride with much more reservation.

    But your experiences, could also mean that you are on the verge of stepping up to the next relative level...Those moments or short periods of time where you feel that everything is in sync, and the bike is quick, nimble and lighter than usual, begin to last longer as your experience and judgment inproves. (hopefully)

    The hard part, is trying to analyse WHY...what is it that you felt at those times precisely, and how do I do that again...is it my body position that seem to be just right...my level of energy, was I looking further up the road and having more time to take things in...what is it that caused that effect on you and the bike...

    If you are to progress, you won't fully get there (to that next level), unless you understand why...when you understand why, then on a day where you are'nt feeling quite right, you know where to look to regain that level of competence agasin, or at least know to call it quits and ease off.

    The fact that the bike might feel more nimble, or smaller or whatever, are really just markers to some underlying thing that is happening...look for THAT, and the rest comes with it.

    I know this sounds all ethereal and subjective, but it's nice eh....when it all seems easier for some reason. :grin:

    To be objective about it...did you adjust your tyre pressures at any point...pressures will have a direct effect on the bikes nimbleness and light feel. :wink: :grin:

    Think more about it, and see what you might boil it down to...and then go from there. :) :)
    It could also just simply be that you were having one of those good days, we all have where everything just "clicks". :LOL:

  9. On the Tiggly one-oh-five-oh I find it's usually (1) tyre pressures or (2) poor riding posture. Gotta make sure I keep my arms tucked in properly, for good leverage on the bars. :)
  10. I think it depends on your ability (usually effected by your choice of pants) to grip the bike, move around on the seat and the like.

    Or maybe certain makes/models shrink when cold ;)
  11. mmm..my model sure shrinks when it gets cold!...Dunno about the bike tho.! :shock: :p :LOL:
  12. I hate it when a pillion sneaks on the back without telling me first...

  13. My 250 feels like that whenever my brain feels sluggish.
  14. mine has a dial that makes it bigger and smaller.. turn down to split, turn up to prevent evil P plate cager on mobile get past as they are just being a tool...
  15. :rofl:

    on a more serious note i know exactly what you mean. i had a great "being one with the bike day" maybe it is due to a new helmet and new jacket. god knows but today was the most comfortable day i have ever had with my ride.
  16. I'll quote John on this one because I think his response is probably most relevant to what I'm trying to get at. rod's not far off either, I am a nutjob, but at least it doesn't impact on my riding :p

    Maybe it's just the way that I perceive my improvements in performance on the bike. Reminds me of learning to drive my TX3 in a... ahem... 'spirited' manner. :LOL: At first, it's just glimpses of what it might be like to be at least better, if not good at what it is I'm trying to do. When I started to regularly get it right, corners started feeling wider, the car moved where I wanted it to without thinking about it. That's now starting to happen on the bike, but showing in the ways described - things just feel RIGHT.

    I just figured I'd share a little bit of my experience, and the sheer joy of learning to ride smoother, faster and with more lean.

    And no, it's not my tyre pressures, but thanks for checking! :p
  17. That is good, just take it easy as this is a dangerous time for you. When you can step up significantly on a good day you need to be careful not to overstep your limits on a not so good day. Keep a level head and you will be fine, Fun isn't it? :grin:
  18. Certainly is fun. By far the best way to start and finish my day of work, that's for sure.

    Just wish I was as spoilt for choice of good roads nearby as you mexicans are... :p
  19. What side of town are you on?
  20. Which side of Brisbane? I'm at Forest Lake. Not all that far to Glorious and Nebo I know, but finding time to get out there and do it is proving difficult! :cry:

    Hopefully I've got next Friday off though, might go test them out then.