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Big Bike, Bigish Guy, Noobish rider...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dastrix, May 19, 2009.

  1. Am I stupid to contemplate a CBR1000RR that Lane Cove has on a super deal, $17999 ride away in Red/Silver?

    Ive been riding a CBR600F which is too small for me, and the GSXR750 I really like is still $16500 but for $1500 more I can get a litre with a bit more quality?

    I have about 1 year of riding experience on me, and my riding will mostly been commute/week end stuff. Never wet weather riding... Definitely getting into track stuff though...

    Thoughts? I'm a 29yo responsible guy but is taking up a 1litre bike a bit silly?
  2. There is nothing silly about picking up a litre bike.
    There are only silly ways to ride one.

    I say go for it chief!
  3. I think you already know the answer to that one mate. I presume you've been sensible on the 600 and haven't come unstuck. You probably won't on the litre bike either if you're just as sensible. If you can afford it and want it then do it.
  4. Well, no bingles thus far and I think I'm fairly sensible... Having never ridden one I'm just worried theres this neck snapping urge that will throw me off ;)
  5. Many years ago I stepped up from my 250 to a 1000 which is almost a world apart in mechanical performance, but so long as your noggin has the right disposition you'll do fine. Just take the time to get to learn how the bike performs and gradually build up your experience before you decide to push the envelope. It would be ideal to use a track day to get to know her better under a controlled environment so it seems like you have all the answers already to your dilemma :)
  6. Thanks, ive got myself booked for a stay upright intermediate day 2nd june, sounds like the perfect opportuntity!

    Sounds like I can do it, if i use my brain :p
  7. A track day would be ideal.
    I am looking to step up from a 150 to a Triumph Thruxton 900. Not exactly a CBR1000RR but a big step for me all the same. Will be using a track day to get a feel for the bike.
  8. Are you talking about the latest cbr1000? if you are i will recommend that you see if the big is comfortable for a big guy. It's quite compact and smallish for a 1000cc bike.

    After you answer this question, you can consider the next question.
  9. Well today I rode both, yes the 08 model CBR1000RR and the GSXR 750 K9.

    The CBR is an animal, so incredibly smooth, so much torque, it was effortless. The brakes were amazing, the slipper was great and really smooth with almost no engine braking feel. The CBR is incredibly compact, but it was still comfortable.. the throttle was easy to control, clutch was nice and light and really just very very easy to ride.

    The GSXR was comfortable too. really comfortable. A bit bigger porportions also. I really had to work the bike harder to acheive the same effect i felt, i know thats a kinda noob explaination but the GSXR did everything with just more effort, it had no where near the same amount of torque and I felt everything on the road. Lots of vibration, lots of engine noise, far less smoother slipper and the brakes weren't as good as the CBR.

    I really think I much preferred the CBR, everything was just nice and easy. The only thing was the rear brake placement, that was kinda annoying and lack of gear indicator on the CBR was annoying too. Yep, it was definitely a tiny bike but I kinda liked that...

    Decisions Decisions!