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Big Baz's biker gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Anyone been there and can comment?
    Its in Echuca ,apparently they stock for the some really cheap stuff but does this cheap stuff equate to shit stuff? I dont want to buy gear and then find out i bought shit stuff....
    Says the shop opens at 10 but no1's answering the phone, i need everything like yesterday lol

  2. you would be better off coming to melbourne.
  3. I cant find working links for the distributors for the Phillip Island shop, they have some nice stuff there but im not going all the way to Phillip Island and as this is my first set of gear i want to try it all on 1st so mail order isnt an option for me...

    Is there anywhere actually in the city where i can go? Does peter stevens and shops like that stock well priced gear?

    I have to travel from bendigo and this Bike mart is probably a bit far in the opposite direction to where i want to head...I still have to make it home at a reasonable hour
  4. if you are in a rush yes ps is a good place to go, lots of range, but like anything without shopping around you will pay generally pay a higher price, and might just find some ok gear instead of gear that you either like/fit

  5. Depending upon the day of the week(I'd recommend a Friday) You'll find a place to have a socialise, eat and consume caffeine of an evening. *you could catch a train* but there would be no guarantee that you would get anywhere on time.
  6. LOL @ catching a train
  7. peter stevens clearance centre in a'beckett st can be good. upstairs at yamaha city next to ps in elizabeth st also can be good. these might be worth a try
    do your homework on the web