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Big Balls of Fire

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone see on the news the huge fire tonight in Dandenong. The place is
    crawling with fire men, police & television news, with helicopters hovering
    over the vicinity earlier this evening. Anyone who knows Dandenong, the
    fire was where the old 'Mikes Gym' was.

    We could see the top of the flames from home so I hopped on the tricycle &
    made my way to the smoke.

    Was a good 1.5hr before they let us stand opposite it on Princes Hwy. As of
    15mins ago, the platform was still dowsing the smouldering remains. Took
    some shitty photos so you can see how the roof has caved in, & the
    bottom pic shows the platform.

    Princes Hwy is still closed to traffic b/w Gladstone & Heatherton Roads.
    Oh well, thats my exciting event of the day. [​IMG]


  2. The flash! The flash! She does noth-sing!

    Rough break though, any word on initial speculations?
  3. It was mice with matches. :p

    There were lots of slack jawed yokels who ignored any instruction to keep away. Thanks for being one of the sensible ones who stayed away until allowed and let us firefighters do our jobs :)
  4. Even when access was allowed to bystanders there were quite a few
    shithead teenages on bikes who kept getting in your way standing
    where the fire trucks were right in front of the factory.
    I ventured no closer than the median strip in the middle of the Hwy.

    I heard Police at one stage threatening to arrest some of em who just
    wouldnt listen.
  5. At one point I was standing near a side street that had been blocked by cones. A car slowly drove straight over one of the cones to try and get onto Princess Hwy. Myself and another firefighter went up to the car, the other firefighter stood directly infront of the car whilst I went up to the drivers door. He opened the window and I asked him for his license "to pass his details onto the police so they could fine him for breaking a fire brigade cordin" The guy packed his dacks and backed the car out. Not before I did get his license details, I didn't plan to pass them on, but it was funny as hell to see his reaction.

    I should have some fairly good photo's in the next day or two. There was the oficial CFA photographer on scene and his photo's are usually of very good quality.

    I must admit though, ward_4e... a little part of me is sad because it knows there are some people here who won't understand that :p
  7. Ummmm, yep, that would be me :wink:
  8. only the young'uns or maybe some of the more "mature" riders. :p
  9. What are you trying to say, Drew :p

    Obviously, I fall into the young 'uns category so no harm done :grin:
  10. By the time I got there last night, a Police unit had parked across the road
    further up the road (Adelaide St.)

    Yep. Saw the fella.

    You with the Dandy or Noble Park crew? Didnt see/notice units from anywhere

    Platform is still there. Not sure what they were doing but the basket was hitting
    the wall where it meets the roof & they were poking the walls with something.

    Policechick said shes there for the rest of the day. Poor thing. Sitting in the car
    out the front all day. [​IMG]

    She made me walk because I had no helmet. [​IMG]



    Pic 3
    Pic 4
    Pic 5
    Pic 6
  11. Couldn't see it from my place, but I could smell it when I walked outside. Only figured out what the smell had been when I saw todays newspapers :shock: .
  12. I was with the crew from Scoresby. There were truck/crews from as far away as Frankston & Scoresby. With 15+ trucks, they need to grab them from a bit of a distance away.
  13. Great photo's Stewy. [​IMG]

    Any info yet on the cause?