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Big ARSE choppers - Southern Motorcycle Works

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Takamii, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Looks cool. 40-60 hrs to build.
  2. with the new laws that came in (other people know about it so ask them) this wont be possible in OZ (apparently)
  3. New laws - had not heard about them
  4. some new engineering law
  5. 'Australia, spoiling everyone's fun!*'

    *Unless you like lace doilies, beige cardigans and keep a hat on the rear parcel shelf along with a little blanket.

  6. theres an idea - dolies for motorbikes

    how about painting the streetfighter "doile" to camouflage it traffic ?
  7. wonder if I can stick one on the back, then police would know I'm not interested in honing, just tea and scones
  8. 'Sbeen done. One of the tricks for custom paint on the cheap is to use paper doilies or bits of lace as a mask for spray work.

    O'course, it does tend to look like you've done your own custom painting on the cheap using paper doilies or bits of lace as a mask unless you really know what you're doing. But then, if you really knew what you were doing you wouldn't be needing to use paper doilies or bits of lace as a mask, would you?
  9. lawl!
  10. Wow, Its an ugly looking thing aint it!
  11. G'day all. I bought an Australian Godfather in December 2009. Was so excited when it showed up. But then the headaches started. Parts missing. No instructional DVD. No Certificates for frame. No help from SMW. I can not get it registered here because of noise(Daisy Cutter Pipes) Open Primary belt and Rear belt needs guards. That was without the cops even bending over to look at anything else. The thing WON'T start without a jumper lead to a truck battery. I have replaced the battery twice and the starter motor once. The 127" ULTIMA motor rattled when I first started it, ends up a push rod was loose. I could go on and on. I have ridden it ONCE. A whole 160kms.It looks AWESOME and sounds bloody Great. Goes like the clappers(in a straight line), don't try to corner at any speed. I now have it parked up and can not find a mechanic who will touch it. Soon as you mention what it is they laugh or just hang up.It's a $24000 ornament now. I have gone out and bought another Softail Harley.All I can say to anyone who is looking at them. DON'T DO IT!!! They are fun to build but you will never get a ride out of it here.