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Big Adventure Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Charles Ross, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. OK, so I am looking at trading in my XT660X for something bigger and faster. I am 190cm so I want a high seat/big bike. I will commute 2 x 20 mins each day but like the odd off road adventure (not planning on the Dakar just yet!).

    My adventure bike summary is as follows:
    BMW R1200GS Adv - expensive, good on and off road, fast?
    KTM 990- fast, offroad oriented;
    V-strom - cheap, mostly road, reliable;
    Ulysses - slow? ??
    Benelli Amazonas - expensive, road, fast, no after sales service?
    Tiger - road oriented,

    My ideal bike would be a Benelli looking BMW at V-strm prices with the speed of the KTM. Given this, is my basic summary above accurate? Any other bikes that I should consider? Thanks
  2. what about the 800gs, they seem quite popular over on advrider though they still have there problems just like any new bike :)
  3. Rode KTM 990 and fantastic all roads tourer - be my pick if the road was anything but smooth dirt

    The GS1200 also a great bike but pricey

    Strom 650 best value and maybe even keep the XT for the harder stuff :cool:
  4. Thanks for the info so far. I should enphasize that I want a big fast bike. I am 190cm, 90kg so the more CC's the better.
  5. Ulysses anything but slow :cool: Has very high first gear though, so not ideal for slwo trail work, and can't be easily changed

    Tiger excellent motor and guess the most powerful of your choices

    You still haven't mentioned what sort of "off road adventure " you'd like to do :?

    So is it fire trail stuff or smooth dirt??
  6. Fast on dirt or fast on blacktop?

    KTM will go further into the bush than anything else on your list, and see off all but the Tiger and the V-strom on the tar. F800GS will almost match it in both regards and cost a bit less.
    (Can't speak for the Benelli - I don't know.)
  7. OK, more information obviously required.

    I like to go fast on the black stuff - I am talking 0-150 acceleration not top speeds. I am happy to slow down in the dirt to match my limited experience. Most off road stuff will be dirt roads rather than hard core fire trails etc
    Thanks for all the info.
  8. CR - any bike can travel dirt roads - there were no adventure bikes 25 years ago :shock:

    You hit a decent pothole and a 19" front wheel could be the difference between continuing on your trip or picking yourself up from the bushes

    Test ride all the bikes on your list, the best on road should still do it all for your off road trips - albeit with compromises both ways :wink:

    All the best in your search :cool:
  9. The Honda Varadero has quietly reappeared in OZ with a bit of a restyle and now with fuel injection (with the V-twin from the VTR1000, in case you didn't already know).

    They look nice in metal-flake black and I'm seeing current model new ones being advertised down around 15 grand ride-away.

    For build quality and all-round competence they score very well, especially at that sort of price. They are also on the tall side, which would suit you. I'm told just recently that this model is quite a good ride.
  10. This is very true, but it's also very true that the majority of bikes people were riding 25 years ago had either 18" or 19" front wheels and (by todays standards) narrow tyres.

    You don't need an adventure bike but a 17 inch front wheel really isn't the best choice.
  11. I had the opportunity to ride on of these recently. They actually make an excellent tourer, but I would be very reluctant to put one on anything but the easiest of dirt roads.
  12. Once again, thanks for all the comments. I should buy the 1000 V-Strom but I realy like the BMW but I want the acceleration of a sports bike so maybe the Benelli. All in all I still have NFI what to do! but test riding (as suggested) of every option is probably a good start. Cheers CR
  13. I thought I'd chip in and say - how about the TDM900?

    Yes, it might sound like tedium but its actually quite a hoot. Its faster than a V-Strom 650 and probably as quick as the thou, its as economical as the 650, its cheaper than the Varedero, BMW, etc....

    And put some aftermarket pipes and you've got the beautiful rumble of a twin :)

    It handles beautifully, brakes are an absolute treat, and its only 193kgs dry weight.

    Added to all this, its actually a big bike - at 5'11 I'm bordering on too short for it....
  14. I think that KTM will be releasing the Adventure with the RC8 (1148cc) motor in the next few months.
  15. A KTM adventure with 1148cc!!! Now that is a bike I want. I want a bike that no car can drag off!

    What 0-100km/hr spec do the ulysses, r1200gs, ktm adv, tiger, Vstrom etc run at - there seems to be great variation if you google it? - are there any accurate/relaible websites to compare acceleration?
  16. Stock Tiger 1050 is ~11.36 seconds for the quarter mile, with 107rwhp.

    The 'offroad' racing exhaust and ECU tune brings the Tiger up to 125rwhp, but I'm not sure how much faster the quarter mile becomes as a result.

    0-100kph isn't a great measurement of litrebike acceleration, given most of them will power-wheelie anywhere below 100kph if you give 'em too much stick in first gear. ;)

    Or just go straight to the current Hayabusa and ZX14, both of which run high 9 second quarter miles.
  17. I think you'll be waiting a long time for that one.

    If you want to throw practicality out the door and go all out for grunt, there's always the Benelli Granpasso on the way. (I'm not brave enough!).
  18. I understand BMW is preparing to launch a their boxer twin in a nice 1300cc variety soon. Also, you can't beat the GS for reliability. Of the bikes you listed, I would go for the GS in a hearbeat. It is very easy to ride with its low centre of gravity and the current 1150-ish cc engine is very strong.