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bieber gets high... real high!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. http://au.launch.yahoo.com/news/article/-/8407098/justin-bieber-coached-over-breaking-voice/

  2. So I guess his balls may actually be dropping eh?

  3. We get a bit off topic here at Netrider, but I really don't get this one.
  4. He could be squealing like pig, they'll still put his vocals through a stack of processing and pitch correction.
  5. .... eunuch's have nice high voices 8-[....
  6. I'd be ok with people calling me the things they call this kid, if I had his bankroll.
  7. 1. I find it hilarious it made it to the news
    2. I find it hilarious that he's a "late developer" and they put that out for the public to read
    3. He annoys me
    4. I find it hilarious... in general, and off topic :)
  8. Justin who ?

    is this one of those facetweet things ?
  9. facetweet?

    he's a little boy band kid who can supposedly sing. i know one of his songs only due to one of my mums friends daughters being obsessed and having it as her ringtone.
  10. For some reason I thought this was about cannabis.
  11. yeah... i thought people might get that impression... ah well :)
  12. Give this a listen.

    Too bad he only provided the source material for that; the particular process used to slow it down has altered it a bit.
  13. I can't even muster that much interest with this guy. To me he is about as relevant as the latest happy meal toy. Sure young kids might get a bit of entertainment for a couple of hours, but to everyone else he's just annoying and will be in the bin next week.
  14. I hope you're right, ibast!

    I don't have the interest for it... mainly just that it made it to the news.
  15. I still cannot fathom why teenage girls have the irrational desire to acquire his DNA? Do they not consider what progeny they want to populate the world with?
  16. I propose that any link to anything J.Beiber should contain a disclaimer that warns of the content. This is worse than being rickrolled. Much worse.

    no they dont.

    I seriously cant believe he makes the news, all the time!!! If it werent for Channel 7 crap i wouldnt havnt a clue who this kid is. Stupid shit is on every time id have dinner with my grandparents. You dont get this crap on the ABC.
  17. There is an easy way to solve the problem of a breaking voice that doesn't involve a voice trainer. It's much cheaper and possibly relatively painless with the right treatment. They did it in the golden olden days when a young boy had a good soprano voice, and his oldies didn't want him to loose it at puberty. Cut his balls off.
  18. This plan has merit.
  19. Somewhere around the throat would work fine for me...