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VIC Bicycles to be given a head start

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jem, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just caught a snippet at the end of the Chanel 7 news update that there is going to be a trial of bicycles being given a 3 second head start at taffic lights.

    Anyone got any more info, nothing on BNV as yet.

    Cheers Jeremy

  2. Wow, as if the throughput of intersections isn't bad enough already.
  3. if that happens, i'm going with the cyclists.
  4. Do cyclists stop at Red? Never seen one yet.
  5. How is this supposed to be useful?

    That just means the cars need to overtake the bicycle again. Which is the most dangerous part of riding.

    I rode a push-bike to work for a couple of years and this sounds like an awful idea.
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  6. Wouldn't be all lights and its perfect...

    Seriously putting ALL cyclists in the one group saying NONE stop at reds is just as bad as people that say similar things about those on two wheel powered machines ;)

    A lot of cagers don't even notice cyclists. At least when they are in front of traffic they are forced to see them especially when they sit there and see them get a head start. Just like us just making them aware they are there makes them so much safer. A few lights have the same time sequence giving pedestrians a head start and it works well too.

    I know though that especially with the stopping outside Fed SQ/Flinders where cyclists get a green and everyone else a red I've been abused by those on foot and even pulled over by the cops for supposedly running a red as they are oblivious to the fact its a green bike light. Thats how much people take note of their surroundings sometimes. The cops didn't like my tone.
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  7. Hi,

    From todays Age -


    CYCLISTS will be given priority ahead of cars at intersections along Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and 100,000 sticker packs warning drivers to look out for bikes before opening car doors will be distributed in a dual state government effort to improve safety on the road.
    The introduction yesterday of traffic light phasing that gives cyclists priority at four intersections in Fitzroy is part of a $219,000 trial by the Baillieu government, which, if found to improve safety, could be introduced at other intersections.
    There have been 65 collisions between bikes and cars along Brunswick Street in the past five years, on a road that is used by thousands of cyclists a day.
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    ''Cyclists now have a head-start at these intersections in both directions to improve safety and reduce the potential for conflict with vehicles,'' Transport Minister Terry Mulder said.
    But the government has been accused of using the announcement to try to fool the public that $10 million of previously allocated funds for bicycle infrastructure projects are part of the 2012-13 state budget.
    ''The VicRoads bicycle infrastructure budget is normally about $15 million a year,'' Bicycle Network Victoria's Jason den Hollander said. ''That budget has definitely been dialled down to zero, and they're trying to confuse the cycling community by reannouncing old money.''
    A spokeswoman for Mr Mulder conceded there was no funding in the next state budget for VicRoads' bicycle infrastructure projects, but said it was a four-year program that had lapsed.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/f...ic-priority-20120625-20ywi.html#ixzz1yqchtclY
  8. So the government is funding a look out for cyclists campaign? Excellent. Will they do the same for other two wheeled modes of transport?

    I see and have heard about the funding cuts through bicycle network of victoria, maybe the rally the other day worked.

    Jaja- I did not say NONE- I said I have yet to see one. I am a cyclist and the times I stop at lights (because they are red) I have been abused from cyclists behind amazes me. I have pointed out the colour to some cyclists and some of the reponses I hear are amazing- "they do not apply to us" "but it is clear so go"
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  9. Is that it? 65 collisions, no reports of fatalities...GTFO! How much is this going to cost because a few hippies got together? Stands to reason why some get their way and motorcyclists don't, they stand united...
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  10. This system has already been in place in North Fitzroy/Clifton Hill for about 6 months, and coincidentally there are significantly longer queues of cars at the light. I suspect that's the objective.
    I doubt that it will make much difference in Brunswick street as only a handful of cars can squeeze into Victoria street when it's green anyway. But rolling it out across the whole city?

    It's interesting that Jason de Hollander is less than enthusiastic. For once I agree with them.
  11. Lmao... Good, as long as the lights in the other direction are green.. Im all for it. They are allowed to take up all the road and now they get a head start..AND dont pay a cent for the privilage...Not happy Jan
  12. By staying awake and remaining aware of what's going on I already get an entirely legal 3s head start over most car drivers when I'm on a motorcycle.
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  13. And now yet another bicycle lane - on Lygon Street down past the Trades Hall. It's always been an excellent and safe (and legal) overtaking area for motorcycles to pass the banked up lines of traffic - now there's been a super wide bicycle lane put in there and it's become illegal for motorcyclists.
  14. Real motorcyclists don't go to Lygon street :bolt:

    But seriously, I don't think even the genuine cyclist groups think some of this stuff is a good idea. It's the dippy hippy social engineers and PC wankers. There's one cycle lane in North Carlton that's 5.2 metres wide - leaving 1.8 metres for cars. And hardly anyone uses it.
  15. I wonder what the cyclists think of this. Personally, I still use cars as shields in intersections. I rarely intend to be the first vehicle through lights.
  16. ? WTF for, so they can all get to the middle of the intersection and hold traffic up?
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  17. No i think its great.. as Aussie Robin pointed out.. the bikes will be the first into the middle of the intersection making them selves the unintended target of the lout squeezing through the last microseconds of the orange (Lets face it.. the first 6 seconds of the read) with his foot flat to the floor and bending the floor boards a bit along the transverse direction of travel. BAM.. then the cyclists will have more to complain about and it will bring on the eventual "Get out and push zones" where one little old lady will have a heart attack from pushing her car.. lose her grip and fall over and then have the car roll back over her..

    Sorry.. lost the plot there a bit.. but you all get what i mean.](*,)
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  18. I don't think it will make much difference to be honest, but then again I don't cycle in the areas that it will apply too...

    I'm already halfway across the intersection before the cars catch me, with a 3 sec head start, I'll be all the way across... :-k

    As for the red light runners, well, we all know how much better vision motorcycles have compared to cars, cyclists are better again, provided they have their eyes open.

    Which is why we don't bother stopping at red lights when it's clear ;)
  19. Good idea. In a group and up the front, no excuses not to see them. Problems will arise from the contemptuous passes that occur once the cars catch up.

    I think motorcyclists should support these sorts of cycling initiatives because I believe in some parts of the world (UK?) they eventually trial allowing motorcycles to share cycle lanes/filter boxes/etc.

    Edit: I can't actually find anything about those sorts of trials online. I may have mixed it up with trials allowing motorcycles in bus lanes. My bad.
  20. The best thing we could take from this is one voice on one issue has the best chance of success.
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