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Bicycle Victoria: Ride Around The Bay In A Day Report

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by glipschitz, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Wow, what a huge day!

    At the crack of dawn, I met Scumbag at 4am at the Blackburn Rd onramp to the Eastern for our massive day of riding and lauging at stupid stupid bicycle riders who decided to ride 210 odd Kms around the Bay.

    By 4.30am we were winding our way thru the maze they call Docklands, where all the streets go no where and everywhere and the maps don't make any sense!

    So we collected our radios, maps and bits and pieces for the day, and by 5am we were following the 11,000 odd riders down the road towards Mornington.

    We were posted between Frankston and Mordialloc, and I think I rode Nepean Hwy about 10 times!

    We only had 2 casualties for the day which was good, and no one really got lost, and it was a beautiful day just riding around, especially when the petrol wasn't coming out of our pocket!

    Well all in all, a really good day. Great weather, great riding, and really well organised.

    Netriders who attended: Glipschitz (Greg), Scumbag (Brian), Forrester_Neil (Neil)

    Thanks for a great day Brian, was fun riding with you.

  2. You missed one other Netrider. I didn’t know you guys were there or I would have chased you up and said Hi, although I was hardly awake at 4.30. I didn’t get home until 1.00am the night before and when you live up here you have to get up at sparrow farts to get anywhere. :LOL: :LOL:

    It was a great day. I have never had so many offers to swap bikes. I didn’t take them up though; I didn’t like the look of their seats! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I was down the western side of the bay, again a couple of injuries one of which was carted off to the Austin Hospital.
  3. Saw the news clip of this on the idiot box.

    Bloody awesome.

    Would have been fun riding along with them. I'm level 2 St Johns trained so might put my hand up for next years ride.

    Should have a much lighter bike by then :)
  4. It was a bloody long day, but it was fun. Being based around Dromana was a real drag, 'cause I had to travel down to Sorrento then back to Dromana via the seat a few times....it was a shame there were so many cyclists about really!

    I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone - although, if you have the out-and-out sportsbike, 12+ hours in the saddle might leave you as sore as some of the cyclists!

    Thanks Greg for writing this up!


  5. Which of your bikes did you do the ride with Neil?

  6. The only one that works! (at the moment) - The BMW - neither of the portable oil slicks work at the moment...well, the Norton does, but its a bit disconcerting riding with a neutral between each gear!

    The BMW - a good, comfortable, reliable and fun bike for this type of stuff.


  7. I'll put my hand up for next year on the 'star.