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Bicycle talk, 27" tyres.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I've got an old faithful steel framed 26" 10speed road bike, bought second hand in the mid to late 90's. An Apollo something or other... anywayz, it has 27" tyres, which I'm finding are rare these days. It needs some new tyres. I found one at Kmart and that exhausted their supply.

    Can someone bring me up to speed as to bike evolution which has put 27" tyres into the waste disposal bin of history.

    20" 24" 26" tyres, 700x tyres I can get a plenty... but not the old faithful style.

    There's definitely class snobbery in bike circles... based on sales assistant responses, I'm an outcast for just thinking of reviving my old clunker. :roll: ...you'd think I went into PS and asked them to fit a centre stand to a CBR1000RRRRRR.

    Help educate a brother!!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Give Ivanhoe Cycles a call - 9499 5209. If they can't help you out, I'd be very surprised.
  3. G&D Cycles in Station St Wbee should be able to help you Rob. Or either of the bike shops on Old Geelong Rd also.
  4. +1 G&D. Bought my bike there and experienced nothing but excellent service from them!
  5. 10 speed?

    Rob, are you sure both wheels are the same size? Or is one of these?

  6. SHows teh last time I rode a bike, it had 27" tyres too!
    I had a "lightweight" bike compared to my friends, it had alloy cranks, gooseneck, wheels and handlebars!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. hahahaa Cejay. That'd be a "ten times the effort" speed... :grin:

    I'll give those Hoppers bike shops a go. Thanks guys.

    http://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html <--- everything you wanted to know about cycle tyre sizing...
  8. Rob I'd consider dropping the front down to a 26" to improve tip in and agility :LOL:

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  9. I second the recommendation for Kerry at Phantom cycles - very helpful guy.

    The other thing you can do if it is steel is just get 700C wheels and bung 'em in. You should be able to flex the seat-stays apart enough to take the slightly wider hub (130mm vs 126mm) without any problems.
  10. That guy rocked, absolute wealth of information, died this year unfortunately. :(

  11. Yay, got me some tyres. :)

    The Hoppers crossing tip paid off. Goldcross couldn't help, but "Bicycle Superstore" right next to the Vicroads did, and then some. I was treated very very well and got the kind of tyre I was after (non gum wall!). And I had a conversation to boot about bike technology... which was a mistake coz my engineer brain woke up...

    Vtrelmarco and Nibor both warned me that if I started looking at bikes, I'd easily spend 2 or 3 times what I thought I wanted to spend... OMG :LOL: ...sheer will power stopped me upgrading my clunker to a nice shiny OCR or something. I was dazzled... so much Bling!! So much BLING!!! LMAO.

    Integrated brakes and gearshifts!

    Titanium forks!

    Disc brakes!

    Adjustable headstems!


    My old 90's Apollo will just have to do for now... I will resist going over to the dark side of the force...

    Thanks for the help guys.
  12. Rob, bike shops are dangerous. Not just motorbike, but push bike shops... stay well clear, they will take all your money and all the money you will ever have.

    I don't know how many times I have walked out of that shop thinking 'ohh that was close, that 2 year interest free deal almost got me again'.
  13. I have to bite myself on the hand to stop. My problem is I ride both road bikes, mountainbikes and motorbikes. The line has to be drawn somewhere, so I wobble around on a crappy 400 dollar Colnago from like 1986. Gets me from A to B alright, but sometime you just wish for a bit more. All bike stores are truly evil.
  14. I have the same problem, except having owned a bike shop, I'm used to always having the stuff that has just been released, which has become a problem since i sold the shop. :oops:
  15. I restored a 1949 hand made cecil walker race bike - with 27" wheels. In the end, I replaced the rims with 700mm numbers - tyres were easier and spokes were cheaper (trying to find double butted spokes for 27" wheels was a bit difficult)

    I kept the original 27" Italian rims, of course!

  16. Neil, I chatted with the lady at the bike shop about getting my wheels changed to a more regular size... she said they wouldn't fit the brake calipers and new wheels and tyres are upwards of half the price of a budget road bike... so I figured I wouldn't bother. You must have REAAALLY loved that old bike mate!

  17. The brakes can be an issue, but I found there was enough adjustment in them to suit the new rim (although, later I replaced the 1949 bracket with something slightly more substantial and shifted it slightly to suit both 27" and 700mm - the difference between the two is about 7mm).

    Going from memory, spokes cost $72 ($1 each, 36 per wheel), rims were about $150 each (I thought I'd treat the bike, and I could also use them on my other road bike too) and tyres were $30 each...although the bracket only cost $10, so all up, it wasn't a cheap exercise, even though the early rims were in good shape. The original wide flange machined hubs were definite keepers, and bike has some absolutely fantastic 1960's racing gear on it.

    I think I did the restoration because it was just plain fun!


  18. Neil, $150 per rim, plus$72 spokes, plus $60 in tyres... well and truly buys you a decent bike shop MTB. It will buy you two BigW/Kmart/Target equivalents! That's definitely a love job project. Got any pics of the old girl?

    Anywayz, I've put new tubes and rubber on the old faithful, cleaned up the rims a bit and she's now ready for action... the question is, is the rider? :LOL:

    What a difference new tyres makes! :)
  19. Nope, but its colours match my old Jag....Gun-metal grey frame and rims, red highlights and lots of polished alloy...which reminds me, I should take the old Jag out for a spin this weekend (and its easier than getting off my fat butt and using the bike)!

    Good luck!