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bicycle speedo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cosi, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. my bike had one when i bought it but took it off for the rwc.

    would it be dangerous to have it on? goes up to 300kph supposably


    anyone else have 1?

  2. i got one on my pushy.. Dunno about 300 but i've had mine up to 78Kms...They are hard to calibrate correctly even on a push bicycle due to different tyre specs.
  3. thanks.. mine was on using valcro stickers..

    perhaps ill go find some of that stuff ..

    might try it out and see how it goes..

    when i install the alarm system..

  4. I've got a cheep bike computer on my K. It's only good for 200kmh and it does not like it if you get anywhere close to that speed. :shock: :shock:

    You then have to take the battery out to reset it and then have to reload your tire circumference in again :evil: I have the magnet mounted off the ABS ring on the front wheel, which upsets it if the magnet is close enough to start magnetizing the ABS ring.
    :roll: :roll:

    Other than that, its great. Its handy having all the information e.g. Average speed, top speed, extra trip meter and how long you have been traveling etc. specially when you have got those long trips and you have to make some miles

    I would get the Sigma next time and not go for the cheaper brands.

    Like the extra 100km/h will make all the deference
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Excellent..i've got the BC700 model and was thinking of putting it on my motorcycle.

    The guide would do nicely :wink:
  6. Yep I use the Sigma Sport BC 1200 , just get your wheel size right and away ya go
  7. catseye cc-vl 800 VELO 8

    Its lasted 14 months doing it tough on my mountain bike Currently has almost 5000 Km's
  8. GREAT!!!

    I have been planing to put one my BSA so I dont have to try and remember mph to kmph conversions while riding and without having to replace the original speedo.

    I also like to have a clock so I know if I really am running late for work or if I am just being paranoid.